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Nigerian Lawyer: I Rather Marry A Stark Illiterate, Than Spend A Day with A Disrespectful Literate Woman.

Nigerian Lawyer
Nigerian Lawyer

The issue of mutual respect and understanding in marital unions all over the world and particularly in Nigeria has grown to become a thing of concern as many individual’s interpretation of equally stem from their varying cultural background and traditional philosophical orientation as to what should be the yardstick for measuring what should be conventionally acceptable as mutual understanding and respect amongst couples.

Disrespectful wives and oppressive husbands have led to lots of quarrels, misunderstandings, fights and in extreme cases divorce in numerous homes.

Many are of the opinion that marriage is an institution which is so sacred and special and should be treated as such. Anyone who decides to enter into this sacred covenant and societal obligation should be well equipped psychologically physically, spiritually, educationally. financially and emotionally matured.

Recently a Nigerian lawyer whose name was given as Arinze Amobi after taking a cursory look at some of the recent happenings in numerous cases of unsuccessful marital unions, concluded passionately in his own opinion revealing that, he would be more comfortable and in fact prefer to marry and spend his life with a teachable, respectful and submissive illiterate woman than spend a day with a disrespectful literate lady.

The erudite lawyer who disclosed this opinion of his, on his Facebook’s social media platform, on Saturday December 19, claimed that most sincere men will totally agree with his views. In his own words he stated that;

“As a man, I will much rather marry and spend my life with a teachable, submissive and respectful illiterate than spend a day with a disrespectful literate woman”. Most sincere men will agree with me on this.” he wrote.

This statement of the Barrister received so many reactions and bots lots of tongues wagging as usual.

Below are some thoughts and reactions;

-An anonymous Nigerian lady claims the “even ladies can’t tolerate themselves when it comes to literate housewives in a polygamous home”

-“No man wants to marry a woman who can’t cook” – Jaywon

-“Once you marry a woman, she becomes your equal, not your subject” -Reno Omokri

-“The issue of Feminism and equality in marital union is gradually being misunderstood and abused by Africans who forgot they had a culture prior to this concept”- Barr Amarachi Okeke

-“whether literate or not literate a disrespectful lady will always be disrespectful”- James Adegboyega

-“In marriage only the strong survive and only the wise excel”- Damian Eseoghene


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