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Banky W Singer says he’s not selling ₦35k tickets for his traditional wedding


Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s traditional wedding is just around the corner, with the pair ready to stunt at a highly-anticipated ceremony on November 19, 2017.

In the build up to what will hopefully be a hugely turnt celebration, there has been reports that the darling couple will be charging ₦35k to gain entry into the party.

A claim Banky has now denied through social media.

With a post on Twitter on Monday, 13th November, 2017, the “Wedding Party” star says:

“Lol so I hear there are “tickets to the wedding” on sale for 35k.

BankyW & Adesua Etomi“Anyone who believes that, there are some people very ready to sell u other things like ‘your bvn is blocked’ and ‘I have an Uncle who will dash you $5 mill usd if u wire just 500k.’ Good luck!”

There you have it, people, Banky and Adesua are inviting their friends and family to come celebrate at no cost whatsoever.

Adesua Etomi at her royal bridal shower.The pair already had an introduction ceremony and Adesua also had a lit, royal bridal showerjust recently.

If you are lucky to get an invite to their traditional wedding, all you need worry about is how to get your agbada starched, how to put your antenna headgear in place and how to slay with an impeccable face-beat.

From all indications, that party will be off the hook!

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