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White Man Directions vs Nigerian Man Directions


White Man

Me: Hello, please I’m going to St. Allen at New Gate. Kindly help me with the directions.

George Smith: Okay, head down this road for about 5km, then take a right turn at Moore Junction. Navigate for like 5 minutes, then turn to your left, you’ll see New Gate’s sign post. Drive in and head straight down for like 2 minutes; by your left will be St. Allen. Be safe!

Me: Thank you!!!.

Nigerian Man

Me: Bros, abeg I dey find road wey go Cleveland hotel.

Maraji: First first how much you wan pay?

Me: I no hold money, help me abeg.

Maraji: All this kind broke people sef….; just waka follow the road wey dey behind where dem dey sell bread. Wen you don waka tire small, turn right and cross that big gutter wey dey beside one yellow tank. Waka small, den you go see one woman wey dey sell akara. Tell her say na that ashawo hotel you dey go, she go direct you.

Me: Thank you! (deep breath)




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