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14-year-old British-Nigerian, Daniel Anjorin, killed in London sword attack buried



A 14-year-old schoolboy, Daniel Anjorin, who was killed in an East London sword attack in April, has been buried today.

Anjorin was killed near his home in Hainault on April 30 in a samurai-like sword attack as he walked to school. The attack also left no fewer than four people, including two police officers with injuries.

The Guardian gathered from reports on websites in the UK that Anjorin’s funeral service was held at Jubilee Church in Ilford on Friday, with over 100 mourners filling up the church which his family has attended for more than 15 years.

The church was also where he was baptised.

Pastor Tope Koleoso, who led the funeral service, described the deceased as a “gentle, spirited and peace-loving boy”, adding that the service “was a celebration of Daniel’s life.”

He said, “It was great to have representatives from the school, teachers and students and just to hear how Daniel in school was brilliant and bright and responsive, obedient,” the SUN UK quoted Koleoso as saying

“He loved football, and Arsenal, thanks to them for the tribute they gave the other day that was appropriate and good. And so that’s who he was, he was about to take his grade six piano and so on. And so he was a fun-loving and peaceful child.”

Anjorin’s funeral comes almost a fortnight after a vigil was held for him on May 5.

The Guardian reports that a GoFundMe page set up in Anjorin’s honour after the attack received over £150,000.

A message from ‘Mr and Mrs Anjorin and family’ posted on the page thanked the community for its emotional and financial support. It added that the donations will be used to set up a new family home.

The statement read, “We have lost the most loved and amazing son.

“In the wake of our son Daniel’s tragic death we wish to thank you for your support which has been a source of comfort and strength to our family,’ they said.

“We deeply appreciate your generous donation.

“Due to the trauma of Daniel’s death particularly on his siblings, we have decided to use the donation provided towards establishing a new family home.

“This home will not only provide a place of solace and gathering for our family but will also stand as a lasting tribute to Daniel’s legacy.”

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