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All hail Senator Kamala Harris by Ike Agbatekwe 

Senator Kamala Harris Is Eyeing Iowa to Reverse Her Summer Slump—but Can That Save Her Campaign?
Senator Kamala Harris
I must admit that I was consumed with apprehension prior to the just concluded vice presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris  and Vice President Mike Pence. 
Given Mike Pence’s experience as a former radio talk host and his penchant for evoking talking points, I was worried that Kamala Harris will be derailed into a war of words that will swallow her message to the American public.
Enters Kamala Harris after the introduction by the moderator Susan Page and thus began the very long night for Vice President Michael Pence. Lucky enough she had the first bite on the moderators question which centered  on the coronavirus.
The rest was history as she began a chronological dissection of the failures of the Trump administration including but not limited to the cover ups of the Trump administration- from all cylinders she fired with facts and timelines.
With her offensive onslaught, Mike Pence braced himself for what apparently will be a very long night. With all due credit to him, he switched and reinvented his mentors tactics and began to unleash the lies that has  been heralded by-Donald Trump administration.
Given Donald Trump’s  unimpressive performance during the Presidential debate between him and Joe Biden-the vice president Pence, a loyal subordinate, was up shit creek with Biden’s Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris and thus began the usual deceptive pattern of what was billed to be a civil debate.
Unfortunately for him,  our dear Kamala did not afford him the opportunity to continue on the deceptive track- attack tactics that has derailed most reasonable constituents.
She didn’t pull back any punches when the debate’s antem progressed to the economy. She gave factual indices of the realistic economic situation- which includes a recovering and robust economy that Donald Trump inherited from the Obama administration-but recklessly squandered to satisfy his base.
She was not lacking either on other social issues such as the never ending debate on abortion rights and the right of women. She was subtle but yet ferocious in her approach.
A combination of her skills and charisma, left  Pence in disarray when he consistently abused the  ground rules agreed on by both party’s campaign, by constantly encroaching on the time allotted to them with his rhetorical jargons- by interrupting her majesty.
Vice President Pence got more than what he bargained for. Midway into the debate he congratulated Senator Harris on her selection as Joe Biden’s vice presidential candidate, Kamala responded  in affirmation, but that even fueled more attack on the Trump administration.
How do I begin to score her performance? It was nothing less of what we expected from a seasoned prosecutor  who will accept nothing but the truth. As Pence riled on and on, Kamala kept punching with pinpoint accuracy.
If it  was in Vegas, Kamala matched Mr Pence, pound for pound on every round of the 90 minute debate. She  came out swinging with heavy blows on all issues and mainly but not only the healthcare situation in the country.  She reminded  Americans about Donald Trump’s relentless effort to repeal the -Obamacare, which is borne out of his disdain for the revered former President.
In all,  I take my hat off for her majesty Kamala.  “You go babe.”
Ike Agbatekwe
Editor @ Large
Life and Times News
Los Angeles,  California


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