Home News ‘Why It’s Dangerous To Allow US, French Military Bases In Nigeria’

‘Why It’s Dangerous To Allow US, French Military Bases In Nigeria’



A political scientist, Professor Jibril Ibrahim, has given reasons citing military bases for the United States and France in Nigeria id dangerous for the country.

The don said if the move was allowed, Nigeria would lose some of its sovereinghty to foreign powers.

Ibrahim, who stated this during an interview on Channels TV’s Politics Today on Monday, added that by so doing, Nigeria would be setting up itself for a battle with Niger Republic.

When asked why it is dangerous for Nigeria to allow the US and Franch to cite military bases in the country, Ibrahim said,  “Absolutely it’s dangerous. Even within Nigeria itself, there is a very high-level of terrorism ongoing in the north east, north west and north central and other parts of the country.

“We had a difficult relationship with our neighbours recently including Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali.

“The third thing we know is that these countries when they sent the Westerners packing, they set up a new deal with Russia. Russian advisors and trainers are coming into to their countries.

“Now we will leave our traditional foreign policy position since 1962 that has been non-alignment. Since 1962 Nigeria has neither been for the West or the East. We will pursue our interest with all the parties.

“But from the moment a foreign military base is allowed, you are no longer non-aligned. You are directly with one camp.

“So we are setting our selves up for a battle with 1600-kilometer border with Niger Republic and Russian soldiers in Niger.

“Why are we bringing American soldiers to fight a war that is not ours. I think there is a much larger issue of concern for some of us. Nigerians are very proud of their sovereignty.

“We were looking down upon Francophone countries who were being controlled by their former colonial masters. We never allowed the United Kingdom to do that to us. Is it now after 60 years of independence that we will lose some of our sovereignty to a foreign power that is bringing nothing in return?”



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