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“Pls advice this man,” Kanayo O Kanayo reacts as man opens up on being afraid of him over his ritual movies

Kanayo O Kanayo
Kanayo O Kanayo

Renowned Nollywood star, Kanayo O Kanayo, recently turned to his huge fanbase for advice in an intriguing situation.

He reached out to his millions of followers seeking advice on how to address a rather unsettling predicament involving a man who, due to Kanayo’s roles in money ritual movies, harbors apprehensions about meeting the actor in person.

Via his official Instagram page, the seasoned actor shared a snapshot of the man’s message, shedding light on the dude’s unease.

The message reflected on how the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, had depicted Kanayo during in the past.

The man pointed out that Kanayo was often portrayed as a ruthless and unrepentant ritualist, and this impression had taken root in his mind.

Growing up, this man had absorbed the image of Kanayo as a character deeply tied to ritualistic practices.

Interestingly, despite the passage of time and the fan’s own maturity, the fear remained unchanged. Even as an adult, the man still harbored trepidation about meeting Kanayo in person.

He openly shared his discomfort, revealing that he is unable to even share a meal at the same table or sit in close proximity to Kanayo, out of concern that he might become a victim of some sinister ritual.

In the message, the man expressed a desire for Kanayo to undergo a complete transformation in public perception.

Having come to realize that Kanayo is, in fact, a good-hearted individual, the fan implored him for guidance on how to overcome this deeply ingrained fear.

Reacting to the note, Kanayo humbly requested assistance from his fans,  urging them to offer their insights and advice to help alleviate the man’s distressing sentiments.

Captioning the post, he wrote:

“Dear Friends, please advise this man”.

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