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Popular Nigerian celebrity Don Jazzy claims He’s Content Even without Wife and Kids

Nigerian celebrity Don Jazzy
Nigerian celebrity Don Jazzy

A breaking and surprising story within the Nigerian entertainment industry that has taken all over social media and has gotten lots of reactions and tongues wagging is that the popular and highly recognised music executive and producer, Michael Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy, says he is indeed happy even without marriage and children.

This comment of the popular music icon was made recently in an interview session with journalist on Wednesday, November 26, while he was talking about the journey so far of his illustrious career and the major moment s and experiences of his life in general.

Don Jazzy as he is widely know was quizzed by a journalist about how fulfilled he felt about life especially knowing that he had not been able to have a family of his own despite the huge success recorded from the entertainment industry? He replied saying that he’s actually on the contrary very fulfilled. In his words ‘The Don Baba J’ disclosed that;

“Pretty much, yes. I am doing well and I have a beautiful business. My family is healthy and comfortable. I know a lot of people would say because I am not married and don’t have children, that means I am not happy. But, I am very happy (laughs). I am not missing anything. Perhaps, in the future, I would start missing little children but for now, I am actually fine. I feel fulfilled and grateful. I thank God.”

Responding to the question of what were the most profound lessons he had learnt over the years, he said;

“I have learnt a lot and it may not be so easy to single some out now. I have always been a patient person and I believe in striking when the time is right. That has always worked for me. Also, all the things that have happened in my life make me believe that ‘a good name is better than silver or gold’. The person that came up with that saying definitely knew what they were saying. I have maintained a good name and brand, and that has always worked for me. If everybody could be like that, it would be a great world.”

When the interviewer asked him which artistes he hasn’t worked with but would like to, he said;

“Maybe some of the new guys in the industry that would want to work with me. I am old, so my sound could be very old and some of them might not feel like they need the older sound. However, I am here for anyone that wants to work with me.”

Quizzed on the prospect of any plans to sign any new artiste, Don Jazzy replied;

“I love grooming artistes so I have my eyes on a lot of people in this new generation and the one that is coming. But, I’m definitely not going to tell you who they are. I always wait for the perfect time before I making my moves. I was supposed to sign two or three artistes this year but the COVID-19 pandemic slowed things down, so watch out for them next year.”

Rumours had once in the past circulated all over social media platforms showing how Don Jazzy had shared throwback photo that marked the day he vowed to remain a virgin till after marriage. Many of his followers had been treated to a surprise of Don Jazzy’s stand on marital union and how he had been said to have insisted on his stands on sex before marriage.

Meanwhile many of his ardent fans and followers are waiting in anticipation of who will eventually win the heart of the Don and make him eventually settle down to the responsibility of societal demands of marriage. Hopefully that day comes sooner than later for many who love him and his musical style


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

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