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Nato Is Avoiding War With Russia For Your Sake

 NATO’s decision to not close the sky over Ukraine is correct. A shooting war between Russia and NATO should be avoided as much as possible and the way the US has been evading that confrontation is simply the right thing to do.
If you think it is cowardice, it is because you don’t know and this post will brief you.
Let me set it out in a very brief way.
There are three types of wars:
1. Conventional war – which is fought according to the rules of war: Don’t kill civilians and children, don’t hit civilian infrastructure, don’t shoot surrendering enemy soldiers and PoWs, etc.
2. Total war – which Russia seems to be fighting in Ukraine right now and which it fought against Chechnya in Grozny. In a total war, you just kill everybody you see and destroy everything on your way.
3. Nuclear war.
On a normal day, Russia will fall quickly of NATO engages it in a conventional or a total war and Putin has admitted that much in a speech recently. There is no contest in that. NATO’s firepower is extensive and its generals are top level.
However, the mismatch will force Russia to quickly resort to ‘final-solution’ tactics while it can – it will launch its arsenal of nuclear weapons. Lets be quickly reminded that since the 1970s, both the West and Russia have thousands of nuclear tipped missiles already programmed to hit targets in all major cities on each other’s soil. With just the press of a button, those missiles will fly out and head for their targets.
But there are difficulties. Both sides have watchmen that are not sleeping. Every inch of Russian territory is under a 24/7 scan for missile launch by the West, using flare and heat detection satellites. Russia has the same system.
 The moment a rocket motor ignites (most missiles are powered by rocket motors. Cruise missiles use air-breathing jet engines – pretty much the same used by aeroplanes, but they could be ramjets or jets with afterburners. Cruise missiles are usually called precision guided weapons), they know in the West.
These missile scouts will start to track the missile or missiles and note their number, velocity and heading.
They have about 10 minutes to confirm and reconfirm that missiles are being launched against the West. In this case they will mostly be ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles). Well, despite the heavy name, they are actually simple orbital rockets that can get into orbit and then re-enter the earth at the appropriate location – above their targets.
At this point, they will release their thermonuclear warheads or bombs (all modern nuclear bombs carry thermonuclear warheads, that is, warheads that uses a small hydrogen bomb to initiate a chain reaction in its main fission bomb of Plutonium or Uranium). These warheads are shaped like cones and they are about 1.2m in height with a base diameter of about 800mm.
The real active ingredient, Uranium or Plutonium inside the conical device is not bigger than a football but they are packed with the horrendous power of creation itself, the power of the nucleus of an atom called the Strong Force.
Two things will then happen in line with strictly established procedures it call it Battle Order.
 Once a missile attack is detected, the US will immediately move it’s president, his family, Pentagon chiefs and a few citizens into a bunker that is about 2 kilometers below the ground and under a mountain. It is suspended upon springs so it can withstand tectonic forces from a nuclear blast on the surface. The bunker contains provisions for two years to sustain the occupants.
(I have seen the image somewhere about 25 years ago in maybe Times Magazine). Reporters taken there were blindfolded and flown for hours so they will not have a clear sense of direction. The location is totally secret but it is suspected that it is Nevada. It was not dug out directly but a lateral tunnel was created several miles away to this subterranean site.
1. The West will launch countermeasures at these warheads. (Usually, they will be 13 to 17 on each ICBM and at this stage, they are in their terminal altitude in space). This is the threat level the American THAAD anti-missile system is designed to contain. It will fly into space and try to steer  kill vehicles into those warheads and of course, the success rate will understandably only be partial.
Some will end up successfully re-entering the earth and dive (under zero power) for their targets. At this point, the Patriot system will come into action and try to swat the warheads. The Patriot complex deals with missiles within the atmosphere.
2. Simultaneously NATO will give orders for its own missile launches and within minutes, you will see missiles rise from silos and from submarines heading East to attack preset targets. B-52s (‘Stratofortress’), B1, (‘Spirit’) and B2 (‘Bones’) -all long range bombers will take off from the US, Germany and probably Japan armed with hydrogen and Plutonium bombs and head for Russia.
There are also about 1,500 nuclear weapons on each side that are currently in the field, mingled with conventional weapons but known to commanders. Those are probably the most dangerous of all these arsenal of nuclear weapons because they are already and permanently dispersed in the field. All – everything will be launched within just about 30 minutes in this make or break final combat.
Everything described above from the moment one side launches its nuclear weapons will not take more than 45 to 60 minutes and it is all over. If the attack takes place at night, right here in Nigeria, if you look northwest towards Europe or east northwest towards the United States, or northeast towards Russia, you will actually see a dull glow in your night sky though you won’t hear the thunder of the explosions.
The next three days or even a week will be normal although wind patterns may have become suspect.  Thereafter, you will observe that the sky is getting darker and midday seems like dusk. That is the cloud of a global thermonuclear warfare.
The sun will be screened out for months and plants will die off. This will lead to global famine, first step. Of course, global trade is already gone and the world has reverted to primitive levels. The Internet is no more and telephone services have become epileptic.
Next will come the global outbreak of all forms of cancers from radiation carried around the world by the cloud earlier described. Death will become so much more desirable than life that those alive will curse their lot.
There will be survivors of course: those who have been hidden away in military grade silos and have ample supplies to carry them for about two years.
Those who just manage to go through about three years of life as foragers and scavengers and somehow have not been killed by skin cancer, blood cancer and other forms of metastasis. They are the ones that will populate the new world and begin to try to establish a new civilization.
Now you have an idea why NATO keeps avoiding fighting with Russia.
It is simply to keep YOU alive.
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