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Miyetti Allah has a trans-border army hired to conduct attacks all over Nigeria – Prof. Hagher


Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher, former Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada and Ambassador to Mexico, has revealed that the Miyetti Allah has a trans-border Army that is hired to conduct the attacks all over Nigeria.

The Ambassador who accurately predicted the attacks of the Fulani Herdsmen 17 months before it occurred in a private memo to Buhari noted that the President and the Security Agencies were complicit.

Speaking on GatefieldTV programme Ambassador Hagher said: “The Miyetti Allah have an army. Whether they hire it out of people that are trans-border. I call them trans-border army and they hire them. They are all over West Africa and anytime they are hired, there is a form of complicity at the border.

“There must be complicity for them to entering Nigeria’s border at will. The borders are porous, there is no question about it but there must be complicity because the President and the Security agents know.”

Prof. Hagher berated the Inspector General of Police referred to the genocidal attack as a communal clash and called it a diversionary tactic.

Recall that Ambassador Hagher wrote a widely read memo in which he said President Buhari will be remembered as a genocide president.

Hagher also revealed the several issues around his private memo to the President and the trends and patterns of the attacks, their location in Nasarawa state, cattle grazing policy and self defense and challenged the President to act immediately.

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