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Shocking story of how Lafiya Dole commander escaped death in hands of Boko Haram terrorists

Boko Haram terrorists
Boko Haram terrorists

Boko Haram has been a word and name all too familiar with many of the citizens in Nigeria but obviously for all the wrong reasons especially as thoughts of them breeds hatred and contempt especially from individuals and communities who are families of victims, or those who have been unfortunate to be at the receiving end of majority of their senseless killings and destruction.

Same can be said for the majority of the soldiers who have been at the fore front of these irrational battles against these insurgents and terrorists vandalism. Historical research by various news correspondence within the federation have reportedly talked about the ugly incidence of numerous army officers who have been ambushed and brutally killed in some of the forest in the northern region of the nation.

Just recently news channels TheCable, disclosed the story of a major-general and commander of operation Lafiya Dole, Farouq Yahaya, who narrated his experience of how he narrowly escaped death when suspected Boko Haram insurgents attacked his convoy.

Recall that Operation Lafiya Dole was initially launched by the Nigerian army to fight insurgency in the north-east and to forestall peace and security to the region as well.

According to the story, the commander was reported to have been returning from a mission in Maiduguri, the Borno capital, when the insurgents attacked his convoy along the Damaturu-Maiduguri highway.

It has also earlier been confirmed by eyewitnesses that these insurgents, in the past weeks, have made it a point of duty and significant within the highway in these regions. A Military spokesman who spoke with our outlet TheCable, said they feared information about the commander’s intinery was sabotaged as a result of this the attack was launched against the general and his convoy who only escaped as a result of their bravery and resilience.

“The convoy ran into the ambush midway into the journey,” one of the sources said.

“Immediately, soldiers on the convoy lost balance, and within minutes the insurgents came in close with heavy firepower. They almost got to the vehicle of the commander, but it was pulled away from their range.”

Sources further claimed that the troops in nearby battalions and formation were also targeted by the insurgents who had allegedly planted mines on their possible route.

“It was a coordinated attack, and they must have known when the commander was going to use that highway,” a source said.

“There should be about two battalions where soldiers could immediately come from to engage them. But in order to stop these soldiers, they put mines on their ways. You know what it means if the attack on the commander was successful? That was their aim.”

It was however reported that some soldiers sustained major injuries and had to be taken away from the troop for medical attention. However, news correspondence confirmed that the representative and spokespersons of the army, Mohammed Yerima, was unavailable for comment on the issue.

What is most troubling and significant however, in all of these is the repetitive and strategic planning of all these attacks which further draws attention to the fact that this was not the first time these terrorist would be making such an attempts on the convoy of an high ranking military officer

A similar scenerio had been reported to have occurred in January 2020, whereby a driver attached to Olusegun Adeniyi, Yahaya’s predecessor, was feared killed when the insurgents attacked his convoy.

Coincidentally, Adeniyi was also reported to have been returning from a mission from Jakana back to Maiduguri when the incidence occurred.

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