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Reps worry about Massive Resignation of soldiers, urge Army to improve welfare packages.

Resignation of soldiers
Resignation of soldiers

Apart from the major in-house terrorism caused by Boko-haram insurgents in mostly the northern region of the federation as well as other major incidence and challenges bothering on kidnappings and banditry caused by fulani herdsmen as allegedly reported by news correspondence the Nigerian army has been quiet since the change from the political military regime to that of the civilian rule.

With that said, millions of Nigerians are however; wondering and asking questions why there seem to be massive resignation by military men from the Nigerian army?

Obviously series of factors could be responsible for these line of action taken by men who had once initially and willingly, offered to serve their fatherland with all their heart mind and strength.

Reacting to this issue new outlet reported that the House of representatives has asked the Nigerian army to improve the welfare of soldiers to curb mass resignation.

According to the reports the house had earlier in July 2020, set up and mandated a committee on the army to make an inquiry and conduct an investigation reported resignation of 350 soldiers over the loss of interest.

The story further revealed that the soldiers, who opted to willingly tender their resignation from the service to the Nigerian army, have been involved in the fight against the Insurgency of the Boko-haram terrorist group.

Meanwhile, the resolution of the lower chamber on Tuesday march 02 2021 agreed in line and adoption a report on an investigation carried out on the purported “voluntary resignation of over 360 soldiers”.

The report was presented by the chairman of the committee Abdulrazak Namdas, who urged the army to continually create an atmosphere for psychological reassurance and orientation of soldiers for both old and new recruits. In his words;

“That the Nigerian army should improve on the welfare of its personnel, especially those in battlefields or other combat operations to further make the soldiers more committed to their jobs and to the nation at large”,

“That there should be effective monitoring or follow up in the delivery of the welfare packages in all the army formations to ensure that they reach out to all the beneficiaries (the soldiers) in a fair and equitable manner.

“That the army should continuously embark on an orientation of soldiers, both old and new, about the reality of their jobs and the need to be committed to their country. This will reduce the number of soldiers leaving the army due to loss of interest.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer

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