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Every race is important by Dr. Chinedu Ikeanyi

Every race is important
Every race is important

When we use the expression that “politics is local,” it means that every race is important from the lowest position to the presidency. This is why we must come out in mass to elect our  local council members, school board members, mayors and Secretaries of States.

Remember that it is the local mayors that appoint the police chiefs and in some cases the council members approve the mayor’s appointment. With this in mind, when a wrong mayor is elected, he/she will in turn appoint a wrong police chief who will recruit rogue officers who will end up kneeling on our black necks.
Similarly, when you elect wrong members of a local school board, they will not only appoint a wrong Superintendent of Schools, they will also propagate for and approve the wrong curriculum for our children’s schools. They may also advocate for teaching Donald Trump as a history lesson and you know how ruinous such a curriculum will be to children.
My point here is that while we are focused on the top of the ticket, the Presidency, we must remember that every election is local and done at the county and state levels. If we elect a wrong Secretary of State who oversees the entire state elections, we will end up having someone who would suppress the votes as Brian Kemp did in Georgia against Stacy Abrams.
Let’s keep our eyes on the local races to ensure that we have good people who will shape the elections at top by ensuring the fairness of the process.
A king without subjects is only leading himself and that makes him  only a figure head. We must provide the people at the top of the ticket the subjects or local elected officials of like minds to ensure that their policies at the top are well represented and presented at the grassroots level.
Bottom line, every race, even those at the grassroots levels, are important in order to feel the maximum impact of the top tickets.
Dr. Chinedu Ikeanyi


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