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Church, who does’nt want to go to Heaven?

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I went to church one day in ogun state while i was passing by, the pastor was preaching about what u should do to make the heaven
he ask,
Pastor…….. who no wan go to heaven hand up?
na so one girle raise’s her hand up!
Pastor……. girl come out here
the girl went to and� stand befor church,
Pastor…….. what is ur name
she answer’d my name is bimbor
Pastor……….how old are you?
Bimbor……i am eight years old.
Pastor……..why u don’t want to go to heaven?
Bimbor…….ah, abeg pastor my anty tell me say mek i no go any where after church, she say mek i kuku run back home after service, so for today she worn me well well mek una dey go may be next time i go go with una.



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