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Blogger spills major dirt alleging Laide Bakare’s source of wealth

Laide Bakare's alleged scheme used in gathering wealth exposed
Laide Bakare

Popular Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare, gets called out by a controversial blogger who claimed to know her source of wealth.

This comes following the anticipation of a book launch announced by the actress on how to make billions of naira in just six months.
The blogger who had threatened to expose Laide Bakare exhumed the life history of the mother of three on her she allegedly slept with different men to acquire her wealth.

In a lengthy post via Instagram, the blogger wrote;

“Hello tueh tueh, this story go be in part because the matter long gan, So lately laide one of the dir*tiest yansh for the industry has been doing too much, throwing Shade to who no see am, flaunting properties wey we know how them take gather and attributing such to hard work and all.
The one wey come prov*oke me pass wey vex me be when she posted she will launch a book to educate woman on how to become bill*ionaire in 6months, i vex ehn because even with laide olo*bo microwave kuru kere, Na recently she just Dey gather small small and not through hard work, 100 percent olosho work, i said this with my full cheat, no be hearsay, so let’s go down the memory lane for laide before we come unceil the present parol wey she dey do.

Early years of laide Bakare in the industry was nothing to write home about as she has been in this her olosho business for quiet a while, luckily for her she was able to hook up with one certain Ile Oluji man from Ondo State, the man Na America citizen so and not minding how he met laide through their one night stand, he took to their hometown and their kind, naso king sef think say them don see public figure then and them give laide chieftancy title, not long after, Mr okufulure worked laide traveling to America, naso this girl take enter amrica ooo.

Long story short, she get belle for the man and them born girl and name am simi, after olosho enter America Na soso knack up and down, people’s husband ooo, I even attach one of the men wey him go knack for their matrimonial home there, unfortunately things turned so bad for Olufulure as he was accused of being part of a huge sc*m in the US then.

As Okufulure no get money for hand like before again, laide come start her oloshi for America in full, as at that time Bisi ibidapo (Dino me laye Baby mama) was dating one popular fra*dser then, him name na Alhaji Tunde Atanda Orilowo, that one bought him a range then, as at then Range was still a big deal, I am talking of 2012/13 that year, also got an apartment for bisi in magodo, as at that time Okufulure Laide husband don Dey get issue for America, laide was shuffling America and Nigeria, dating all sort of married.

Men in naija then, long story short, she sha jam Orilowo the famous frau*dster and having heard so much about him and wetin him do for her collegue, naso Aunty open ya*nsh for am ooo, dont forget that all along this story, laide was still Married to the ike oluji man but froli*cking around.

So as laide came on board, things went sour between Orilowo and bisi Omo logba logba, orilowo took back the range he bought for bisi and the house then gift both to laide, the thing cause serious gbege then for the industry, laide come go customize the range and put her own husband name instead of Orilowo wey buy car for am, them grant both of them interview then but bisi denied but laide wey Dey do like Omo alata was giving clue.

Make we no long matter sha, whike married to mr Okufulure under his roof, laide got pregnant the second time for him but was still dating orilowo, Orilowo was spending heavily on her then, naso laide born her second born ooo, after two weeks she pack comot for Okufulure house oo say no be him get pikin, this paternity saga wey I dey talk no be small matter ooo, wey Okufulure Dey use police chase laide up and down, as laide don see money, she talk say Na orilowo get the pikin.

The paternity saga was m*ssy then, because Okufulure was kn*cking her even while pregnant, while she now wake up two weeks after child birth and say child belongs to orilowo, them sha dr*ag the matter dr*ag am then, she succeeded in migrating to orilowo house after teo weeks of child birth, small time orilowo who is also a dr*ug lord introduced laide to dr*ug smuggl*ng, she was almost apprehended one time in America then and they were investigating her.

She lay low for almost a year nobody heard from her then, small time she signed like two or three boys then and they were servicing her kpekus, she promise to make them blo*w but didn’t do nothing for those guys, those ones sha left, she and orilowo were doing dr*ugs and continued their fr*ud until EFCC put torchlight for orilowo matter say him du*pe people of 2.8billion of which na him and laide.




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