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BBNaija 2020: Nengi Secretly Reveals Her Deep Affections For Ozo

BBNaija 2020: Why I couldn't control my feelings for Nengi – Ozo
BBNaija 2020

As the reality TV program gradually comes to an end there’s been so much talk amongst fans and viewers of the BBNaija 2020 lockdown edition about the most genuine relationships in the house, since the onset of the show.

Amongst the remaining housemates going into the penultimate week to the grand finale, it’s safe to say that the relationship between Neo and Vee and that of Ozo and Nengi had stood the test of time especially as they are the last relationship still waxing stronger in the show.

While viewers and even housemates can obviously claim and point to the relationship between Neo and Vee as authentically genuine reasons being that it is mutual, no one can say same for others and the reason is the fact that there have been signs that they have not been mutual, or perhaps one partner is trying to figure out where the relationship is heading to, and trying to understand their partners better.

A particular example of such complicated relationships in the house is that of Nengi and Ozo. Nengi had in the past claimed that she’s is not looking for a relationship in the house and that she’s single but not searching. She’s been seen to be teasing and sometimes giving out flirtatious passes at some of the male housemates in the house especially at the start of the show, but a deep and conscious observation by viewers showed that she eventually drifted towards Ozo.

Nengi in her characteristic manner, pretended like she had no deep feelings for Ozo. She continually rejected talks from Ozo about relationship and his request to date her. She constantly reminded Ozo that all she wanted was just friendship and nothing more.

When quizzed by Ebuka about how she felt about Ozo, Nengi bluntly responded that she’s not interested in Ozo the way he is in her. This expression of her however, was perceived by fans as living in denial of her true feelings.

Recently in a diary session with Biggie, the cat was finally let out of the bag as she began to spill all her hidden feelings and emotions for Ozo.

Nengi recounting her experiences so far to Big Brother said that she was the first head of house and probably would be the last if the penultimate week to the finals is of no consequence.

When interrogated by Big Brother whom she would have saved and replaced to be with her in the grand finale, she said that she’s happy for all who made it to the finale talking about Vee and Neo because they were all her cool buddies. However, she said she would have passionately wanted Ozo to be in as well. She opted to replace Vee with Ozo if given a choice to make a save and replace.

She went further to explain how important Ozo was to her stating that if she’s isn’t eligible or privileged to win the grand price, she would had preferred Ozo to win it because he was a genuine friend who had her back.

She also said it’s only Ozo that she will be willing to put aside her reasoning and game modes to allow her emotions get in the way because for her, trust and friendship is more important than every other thing.

When she was made head of house, Big Brother had given an instruction that on no account must she share the head of house lounge with any housemates. When the instruction was lifted by Big Brother, and when asked by Biggie to nominate two housemate with whom she would love to share the suite, she could not hide her joy stating she had meant to ask biggie for this favour and she immediately mentioned Ozo and Vee. She left the diary room excitedly, and ran to drag Ozo with her telling him she had a surprised for him. She took him inside the luxury suite and told him he was free to come in to spend time with her but can’t sleep over.



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