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Various Airlines barred from operations in Nigeria – Covid-19 Nigeria update

Covid-19 Nigeria update
Covid-19 Nigeria update

The Federal Government has barred the carrier, Emirates Airlines and some other international airlines from operations in Nigeria.

As various countries the world over are gradually recovering economically, socially, and health wise from the adverse effects of the corona virus pandemic/lockdown, many countries have begun economic activities and operations.

From reports, some world leaders and governments though, are being very careful especially with the possibility of a second wave of the pandemic. Others are simply worried about the risks of the massive influx and movements of persons from other countries into their countries, with particular emphasis on people coming in from countries which were badly hit with the pandemic.

The Nigerian Government which recently lifted the ban on local and international flights, has recently restricted certain airlines from operating within the country.

The ban which was announced by the Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, took effect from Monday September 21st 2020.

The report read thus: The PTF sub committee met today with EU Ambassadors to discuss the Lufthansa, Air France/KLM ban. The meeting progressed well. Emirates Airlines’ situation was reviewed and they are consequently included in the list of those not approved, with effect from Monday September 21st, 2020.”

Last month, the Federal Government had vowed to enforce the principle of reciprocity in granting permission to airlines to resume operations within the country.

Prior to the resumption of international flights in the country, the Federal Government had announced that Air France, KLM, Rwanda Air Air Namibia, Royal Air Maroc, Lufthansa, TAAG Angola Airlines were not permitted to resume operations in Nigeria.

Cape Verde and South African Airlines were also included in the ban due to the fact that international flights were yet to resume in their countries.

The Honourable Minister of Aviation also came up with a list of airlines which were given approval to resume international flights and activities within the country. These include the following:

Middle East Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Ethiopia Airlines, Air Peace, Virgin Atlantic, Asky Airlines, Africa World Airways, Air Cote D’Iviore, Kenya Airways, EgyptAir, and Turkish Airlines.

Despite the permission, certain restrictions and regulations were put in place by the FG. through the Ministry of Aviation. these include the restriction of certain airlines to certain airports.

EgyptAir, Virgin Atlantic, Turkish Airline, African World Airways, Kenya Airways and Middle East Airlines, were announced as the airlines permitted to use the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos while British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Africa World Airways and Middle East Airlines were granted approval to use Nnanmdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja.

The Aviation Minister, Hadi Sirika claimed that the country would continue the principle of reciprocity to all countries who had banned flights from Nigeria.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer


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