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Youths Don’t Worry Yourself Over Me And My Generation; We’ll soon quit the scene – President Buhari

President Buhari
President Buhari

With the current agitations and rancour in the country especially as witnessed in the recent history making and devastating endSARS protest which saw a number of youths taking to the streets both peacefully and violently, it was obvious that there was indeed an urgent need for something positive to be done by the administration of President Buhari.

It’s no longer news that during the endSARS protest, people were robbed, lives were lost. properties belonging to both state and federal government were destroyed. Innocent civilians were affected in terms of business and livelihood. Schools and social lives were brought to a halt there were tensions and uncertainties everywhere. It’s also a fact that even now insurgency and insecurities is a popular cry all over the nation. Moreso, many of the country Nigeria institute of education and technology as well as the universities has been on strike due to the lack of federal government to come to a compromise with ASUU.

These are events that affects Nigerians the youths generally and most specifically the youths because it puts them in an awkward position as it stagnates their development and jeopardize their future.

The president of the federal republic of Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari reacting to recent demands of the youths and it’s restiveness has said that there is no need for any form of violence and that the youths should in their own interests give peace a chance, because his generation will soon leave position of power and administration and allow them to take over the stage.

The president gave the advice on Monday at State House, Abuja, while receiving in audience the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina Mohammed, Nigeria’s former Minister of Environment. in his own words buhari said;

“Nigerian youths would do well to keep the peace, as it is in their own interest ultimately. Our own generation is on the last lap, we are exiting. It is in the interest of the youths to keep the peace. They want jobs, infrastructure and development.

The president also confirmed the fact that he had put together a team to government officials to address every concerns of the youths according to their peculiarities in their various communities. in his word he said:

” I have a team led by the Chief of Staff (Professor Ibrahim Gambari) to go round the country, talk to traditional rulers, who will then talk to the youths…

“The views of the youths have been heard, and we are working effectively to ensure that all genuine demands are attended to” the President said in response to the recent EndSARS protest, and the mayhem and destruction of public and private property that came in its wake

In as much as it is true that the president and his generation are exiting the stage soon the question on the mind of every Nigerian within and outside the country however is, what is president Buhari doing at the moment to tackle majority of the problems the country is currently facing especially insecurity killings and hike in prices of basic social amenities?

Hopefully he comes up quickly with something meaningful to calm the youths and citizens in general who are already disappointed with his administration in general.



Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer

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