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Truth surfaces Why 40 Year Old Married Man, Sets Himself And Girlfriend Ablaze In Benue

Why married 40 Year Old man set himself and side chic ablaze in Benue
married 40 Year Old man set himself and side chic ablaze

Shock and huge surprise greeted some residents in Benue state as a once blissful love affair turned sour and was brought to a painful and tragic end when a man committed murder and suicide in one day due to lack of emotional maturity and rejection.

Mr Nicodemus Nomyange a 40- year-old man, who hail from Benue state Nigeria, set himself and his girlfriend Shininenge Pam ablaze as a result of issues in their relationships.

The above story had earlier been reported that both parties who were initially friends and lovers were involved in a fire accident and had died as a result of the burnt suffered from the incidence. This whole episode was said to have occurred off Inikpi Street, Makurdi in Benue on Saturday.

However recent reports have suggested that there was more to the initial story that was reported and more reasons have also emerged as to why the whole Incidence happened in the first place.

According to reports gotten from news source, The Nation it was said that Nomyange who was married with kids had been in an extra marital affair with Pam for some time. It was later discovered that Nomyange, who though had his own family, wanted to take the love affair to a higher level by getting married to Pam.

Sources confirmed that Pam, rejected a marriage proposal from Nomyange claiming that he couldn’t afford to be a second wife or be married to an already married man. She also affirmed that she would prefer marrying a single man.

The rejection and refusal to yield to Nomyange proposal hurt him so much and also got him.infuriated. As a result of his anger, He went to Pam’s apartment on Saturday evening and set it ablaze after locking everyone in.

Both parties could not escape and they were burnt alive as all efforts of witnesses and neighbours to save them proved abortive.

It was later confirmed that none of the enstraged lovers survive the incidence as Nomyange died at the spot, while Pam died much later as she was been rushed to the hospital.

Reacting to the incidence Kate Anene, a Benue Police spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the story behind the incidence, upon investigation.

Their bodies were later taken away by officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) who were alerted to the scene of the sad event and deposited at the Federal Medical Center Makurdi.



Gift Joseph Okpakorese

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