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Washing Plates My Worst Childhood Chore – Yemi Alade Reveals


Yemi Alade, has revealed that washing plates was her worst childhood chore.

The 30-year-old said this in an Instagram post on Friday.

“This Is the worst chore on earth and It was my sole responsibility in my family house for 6 years,every morning and night ,mountain of plates, pots and a billion spoons like say na restaurant 🔪🥄🍻🍵🍽🍴😂,not long after , cooking lunch and dinner was added to it.😑😑😑😑 So Washing about 10 plates while shooting #HOME,” she wrote.


In an interview with Ndani TV recently, Yemi Alade said that she may never collaborate with colleague, Tiwa Savage, because she is not sure how fans would react to the project.

“It’s unfortunate that with the troubles that people keep steering in our ways, it probably will never allow us to ever have a collaboration, because you’re not sure the outcome would even be positive or be over run by negative things and all the fights. When we do music, we do it so people can be happy, so when we do a song together, what are we fueling? What are we encouraging? That’s the most important question,” she said.

On Thursday, Tiwa Savage praised Yemi Alade, over her latest album, Woman Of Steel.

Source: Within Nigeria




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