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Us Elections 2020: The Mighty Has Not Fallen, Tell It In Gath

Us Elections 2020
Us Elections 2020
As the turbulent year of 2020 approaches to an end, and most of my fellow diasporas are planning to return to our native country-Nigeria: there is a high level of apprehension about the reception that awaits us.
Issues ranging from the deadly impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the just concluded elections in the United States will definitely be the key subject matters of our discourse.
Africa in general has suffered the disdain of having a very unsanitary environment and is assumed as the epicenter of most contagious diseases-a key deterrent for most westerners-when it comes to vacation or tourism.
The pendulum has tilted significantly with reports of more widespread contamination of the coronavirus recorded in the western world- United States as the number 1 country in the world has surpassed India to take the lead as the number 1 country with the most reported cases.
For those of us intending to travel home for the holidays, we are faced with the rigorous scrutiny of medical tests, certifications and clearance which also comes with a pinch in our pockets upon arrival to Nigeria. (Where avenues to milk returnees has been a long standing tradition, especially now that they have a legal mandate to do so).
There is however renewed optimism about curbing or controlling this disease with efforts of research by scientists and pharmaceutical companies who are quickly developing effective vaccines to control this pandemic. We all pray that this deadly plague will be under control in the coming year with an apparent new government as well.
Having said this, I wish to discuss another topic that most returnees from the  United States are likely to face upon arrival-the 2020 elections and the ensuing drama of comedy of errors.
The latest trends in the revered United States political scene which I believe unequivocally to be the greatest democracy in the world have doused our bragging rights of living in a democratic paradise.
An election which most of the citizens believe to be very credible in all aspects is being challenged through all possible avenues. This in essence is threatening to reduce the watchdog and yardstick status of the United States to a near third world democracy-where despots believe that they were born to rule.
The United States and the western world have been in the forefront of promoting democracy around the world and oftentimes assisted evolving democracies in many ways including but not limited to  conducting credible elections and forcibly removing despotic rulerships from power.
The- Idi Amin of Uganda, Charles Taylor of Liberia, Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, Mommar Gadaffi of Libya are some of the cases in point.
Of course, there has been a barrage of condemnations from me and many from our diaspora communities against the lack of transparency in power transfer and overall bad governance in our native land- by using the United States as an example of the status quo.
The latest post election situation in the United States which I see as very temporary, should not be seen as  a blueprint for our leaders in Africa to abuse our already handicapped democratic process.
And to my fellow political aficionados and adversaries back home,  who are waiting to devour me during this yuletide,I am very proud to be a resident in the world’s most advanced democracy-the USA  and very much ready to give you my piece of mind. “The mighty has not fallen, you can tell it in Gath.”
Ike Agbatekwe
Editor @Large
Life and Times News
Los Angeles, California


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