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Unmarried Evangelist Patience Otene Apologizes to Followers for Having a Child Out of Wedlock

Please do not lose your faith in God because of me” - Nigerian evangelist, Patience  Otene reveals she had a child out of wedlock, apologizes to her Followers -  Lucipost
By Uche Amunike
A young unmarried female Nigerian Facebook Evangelist, Patience Otene has opened up to her followers, Sunday June 19, asking them to forgive her for having a baby out of wedlock.
Addressing her flock on Facebook, she revealed that she put to bed exactly a month ago and pleaded to them not to lose their faith in God because of her action, especially as she preaches against such.
In an emotional post which she sent to her verified Facebook page, she admitted that she was wrong by having a child out of wedlock and urged them to put her in their prayers at this time that she is struggling with her spirituality, adding that she never intended to be in her present situation.
Hear her: ‘I HAVE A BABY. Yes, you read it right and my baby is a month old today. Am I now married? NO. Does GOD approve of what I have done? Definitely NO, (God’s word on this is very clear and can not be changed). Does the Bible approve of this? Definitely NO. Would I advise another person to do as I have done? Definitely NO. Did I plan it to happen this way, Definitely NO.’
‘I have gone through the toughest of times in the past months and I’ll tell you for sure that staying in GOD’S will is the best.’
‘To those who will feel discouraged considering the fact that I am someone who put up godly contents of what one should do and not do, I am truly sorry.’
‘Please do not lose your faith in GOD because of me or what has happened instead let your faith in GOD be strengthened as GOD’S way is the only and best way to do it’
‘While I am struggling with my spiritual life at the moment, I ask you pray for me in this season as it’s all I really need in this season. Thank you.’
Evangelist Patience Otene admitted that her action was neither approved by the Bible, nor by God and went on to extend her apologies to people who felt discouraged and disappointed by what she did.
Her post has set the social media on fire, especially on Facebook where she is widely known for her preaching of God’s word. Some netizens have however reacted to her posts in solidarity. Hear them:
Nkosingiphile Pretty posted: ‘Sis, this is brave. Please don’t let anyone condemn you and don’t you dare condemn yourself Rom. 8:1. God will use you and love you because you’re His baby always. Congratulations on motherhood and may you be celibate and full of joy in the Lord.’
On his part, Nick Izu Obiekwe posted this about the much loved Evangelist Patience Okene: ‘I love conference, faithfulness and boldness. 1 john 2:8-9. God encourage you and keep you. Study His word more. Can u forgive yourself now? Because I’m sure God has forgiven u. Grace to u.’
Isaac Mollo also expressed his encouragement to her thus: ‘Well, I don’t want to know details of the incident, but for you accepting the fact of the reality on ground, it shall be well with you in Jesus mighty name. Ameeen! Congratulations!
As for Doris Oliver who described her as a Super Woman, she posted: ‘Congratulations sis, you are a superwoman and I bless God for your strength. May God never sieze his face upon you and your baby. Sending lots of love.’
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