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Two Liars


GUY: Babe what phone is this?

GIRL: Well is the new Bold 20

GUY: Does Bold 20 exist?


GUY: How much?

GIRL: Bought it for N500,000

GUY: WTF! What can it do?

GIRL: It doesn’t go off, it has no battery, it doesn’t need a sim card to browse, it charges through solar WBU, what phone do you use?

GUY: Well I’m using Samsung Galaxy AIT STV Nokia Apple Windows iPhone 30

GIRL: What!!! Which kind of phone is that? How much?

GUY: Just N700,000

GIRL: Babe are you serious? What can it do?

GUY: Hmm, it can do a lot of things oh, the phone browses on its own, it has a fridge, bedroom and parlour inside, no need for charging. The one I love most is that it helps me do all the house chores and if am in the parlour watching a movie and the phone is in my bedroom and it starts to ring, the phone will walk from the room to the parlour shouting my name saying, “I am ringing oh! Pick me! Pick me!

GIRL: Chai! You can lie!

GUY: You started it.

Who’s the Better Liar?




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