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The recent arrest of Nnamdi kanu-two wrongs don’t make a right by Ike Agbatekwe

Nnamdi kanu
Nnamdi kanu

Sequel to my last piece entitled “The Quest for Biafra by MNK and surrogates- are we our worst enemy?

and after the recent kidnapping of Nnamdi Kanu by the operatives of the Nigerian government-again, as I have always done in my  opinions, I am hereby condemning the gangster formula that the Federal government of Nigeria used in apprehending Nnamdi Kanu who is also a British citizen.
By bypassing all legitimate extradition processes and using entrapping methods, and subsequently bundling him to Nigeria is a clear mockery of international rule of law  and due process of United nations established rules and guidelines. Suffice to say that this a slap on the Igbo people as a whole, we must condemn this atrocious tactics and condemn I will.
It will amount to double edged judicial pattern if the civilized world turn the other way in addressing this miscarriage of justice. Agitators of self consciousness of opinion should be accorded their civil liberties despite our perception of how derogatory that might be.
I, for one, through my OPED’s have condemned the verbal tactics of Mr Kanu who castigates any dissenting opinions from his country men, that notwithstanding, it does not accord the Nigerian government the privilege to flaunt international extradition treaties and arrest him without due process.
As free citizens of the international community, we are entitled to our own dissenting opinions. But for any government whatsoever, to abrogate laid down rules in the manner that the Nigerian government has done- is absolutely despicable and it must be condemned in its entirety.
It is laughable that the British government claims ignorance about the intelligence information leading to the kidnapping of their very own citizen and have not expressed any interest in his freedom, it further unveils their double edged pattern of justice when it comes to people of color.  They will go to any length to retrieve the dead bodies of their privileged citizens, but will turn a blind on others.
For whatever condemnations and disagreements we may have for or with Nnamdi Kanu, he remains an illustrious son of Igboland and his freedom, security and welfare is sacrosanct to us. There is an Igbo that adage that says “Onye ala Nwelu Madu.” (A madman has relatives) We may disagree, but we are still family.
We condemn his illegal kidnapping and subsequent kangaroo trial. His demise or lack thereof might and will trigger another round of uncontrollable protests which will definitely be a gateway to anarchy and eventual disintegration of our country.
Let us exercise temperance, invoke wisdom and seek a peaceful resolution to address the issues bordering on our overheated polity. Because indeed there is no smoke without fire. We shouldn’t let the impending fire consume our future generations.
Ike Agbatekwe
Editor @ large
Life and Times News
Los Angeles, California


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