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The Anambra Women Association of Southern California (ASWA-SC) conducted a one day Youth event on August 1st, 2015


CaptureASWASC, is a non-for profit organization, that was founded in 2004.Our mission is to help underprivileged women and children get needed resources necessary to improve their quality of life. We also work on the preservation & promotion of our cultural heritage and customs through our children. Over the years, ASWASC, has participated in several Medical missions to Anambra State, Nigeria, Cancer Fundraiser, Support of Maternity hospitals in Nigeria and cultural awareness in America.

Our focus this year is on empowering our young adults, particularly our young women. This year, we have held a forum “ Conversations With Our Daughters”. The idea from this dialogue with our young women, stems from our belief that an honest and open dialogue is the best avenue to have a positive impact on their lives. I am happy to report that this dialogue with our young  women, is now a quarterly event.

The 2015 Youth Day was conceived from our belief that our children are our future. When talking to our young women we saw a need to create an avenue where our young women can learn and share ideas, as well as, vital life skills from each other, their mothers, fathers and seasoned speakers.  The following topics were discussed:  CULTURAL AWARNESS, I AM OUT OF HERE!( Transitioning from High School to College),  SPICE CONTROL ( Anger Management),  I GO CHOP YOUR MONEY( Financial Management),  LET’S GET CRAFTY! ( Life Skills) APPROPRIATE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA, MAMA’S KITCHEN (Cooking) , FOREVER YOUNG ( My health), #DOLLAR SIGN ( My First Job)and many more.


Find link below to the official online album of the event


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