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Thanksgiving Service by Dr. H Uzo Diribe


Corona, CA
Saturday October 17, 2015
Thanksgiving Service by Dr. H Uzo Diribe
1-Uzo Diribe

Friends and family from all over the world gathered in Corona CA to give thanks to the Lord for saving the Life of Dr. Uzo Diribe who had a major health challenge early in 2015. In a sermon preached by Architect Azike Diribe, (Uzo’s elder brother who flew in from Nigeria) – he enjoined all gathered to spend their days chasing things that matter in life- love for God, love for family, a harmonious relationship with our spouses ,giving to the work of spreading the gospel and helping the less fortunate in society. DSC_0918

Arc. Diribe said doing all these will cement our legacy when we are gone and not taking vain glory in material acquisitions. H Uzo Diribein welcoming all who attended thanked family and friends for all their support during that trying period and his wife Ngozi for her love and unalloyed support. Ngozi, Uzo’s wife also thanked friends and family for the overwhelming support to them during those trying times. Attendees were later entertained and danced the night away in the Diribe’s home…




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