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South Africans Attacking Nigerians And Other Fellow Africans


The Legacy of Apartheid and Colonial Educational System

By: Osayande Aghaze.

President of New Generation Africa.Org


South African South African President Cyril Ramaphosa along with other corrupt  African leaders who have failed  their country, by failing to educate their people, and also to elevate their standard of living.  They have failed every South African in every way. They have failed Africa, and most importantly, they have betrayed the legacy of great men like Nelson Mandela.  Great men like Nelson Mandela understood and value the need for African Unity, thus during his lifetime, advocated for OAU, and more Africa’s economic collaboration. Now the so-called corrupt South African leaders wants their disenfranchised poor South Africans to blame their economic hardship on Nigerians and other fellow Africans immigrants.


Today, South Africans are killing their fellow Africans due to IGNORANCE that is mostly suffered by many Africans; this IGNORANCE is largely the by-product of apartheid in South Africa, colonial Mentality throughout Africa, and Slave mentality in the United States, South America and throughout Caribbean countries.   These constant fights amongst Africans due to self -hatred can be attributed to vast ignorance that needs urgent attention.


South Africans are welcoming European and Asians traders and killing their fellow Africans. Some African Americans rather work or do business with European immigrants in America, instead of their African brother and sisters.  They rather visit old house in Europe than visit historical site in Africa. The same applies in Brazil and throughout the Caribbean.  For many South African people, apartheid was an insidious tool used to induce self-hate and tribalism. This “Willie Lynch Letter ”theory of Self hating technique“ applies to many Africans and people of African descents throughout the World. That is the true sad reality of the state of mind of my Africans in 2019.


The sad reality of what what the world is seeing in South Africa, once again demonstrate the urgency for the re-education and de-colonization of the African minds. For us as a people to move forward, Africans Must look beyond Colonial Nations states drawn up by Europeans and for Europeans interest in the so-called 1884 Berlin conference, that did not include one single African.


The question and urgency of a Closer union with Africa, between Africans or within Africa should not be any academic debate. Its only natural that we work with our own people NO matter their colonial states identification.


But this unity has been illusive because our so –called African leaders today are morally and ideologically bankrupt. They lack the continental Ideological force of action urgently needed in Africa.


Now South Africans are attacking Nigerians and other fellow Africans and burning down their business and homes.  You wonder why are South Africans are attacking the very people that help them fight for freedom and fought side by side to end apartheid.


Instead of developing a closer relationship with their fellow Africans, they are attacking their brothers and sisters, while their True oppressors are smiling to the Banks. White South Africans that are barely 8 percent of population of South Africa still controls and owns 85 percent of the South Africa’s wealth.


Africans immigrants in South Africa does not control lands, does not run corporations, does NOT own Mining companies, Does not kill rare tigers and lions to be display on walls across Europe and America. South Africans anger and frustrations are now directed towards their very own people, but not against their corrupt leaders nor people that are exploiting them.


The sad reality today is that the unity and Union of Africans has been long neglected by our so-called leaders who lack the vision to see a United Africa. A United Africa working for a collective goal towards the development of the continent.

In fact, the ex colonial powers fears this United Africa and Africans, because a United Africa will no longer be easy for exploitation by the west.  A united Africa will not permit the attack of fellow Africans.


A united Africa will No longer tolerate the looting of our natural resources by Western nations. A United Africa will no longer tolerate the mass incarceration of African-Americans in America.A United Africa will no longer tolerate the oppression or our brother and sister in Brazil.  A United Africans will not tolerate the brutal treatment of Africans throughout the Middle East.


A united African will no longer allow the Western Nations to sell Arms to rogue and criminal gangs in Africa for the sole aim of destabilizing African Nations that dares to resist Western exploitations.In fact, those who does Not wish Africa well fears a United Africa, including the corrupt African leaders. They fears a United Africa, That’s why they are constantly try to split Africans and allow Africans to attack each other in South Africa.


The biggest exploiters of Africa today are NOT African immigrants in poor neighborhood in South Africa.  The true exploiters are Western Institutions and organizations like IMF and World Bank officials that are far from those slum dwellers, but their reach is deep and their effectiveness are real.


In fact, Not quiet Long ago, Our Ancestors were Kidnapped from Africa, and instead of been treated as prisoners of wars, were sold as slaves all over Europe and America. Our ancestors in captivity created the very wealth that European and American are enjoying today.


The irony is that Western nationstoday continues to demand that African nations pays them for colonization.  They continue to burden African nations with debts and demand for payments that are causing extreme hardship in the slums of South Africa and throughout Africa.


My question to our so-called leaders today is why do we have to continuously pay European Nations for colonization and slavery?  This to me is another example of lunacy and stupidity of our so –called African Leaders.


A united Africa will declare that NO MORE DEBT PAYMENT TO WESTERN NATIONS.!But our so-called African leaders are ignorant and collaborators with these exploiters!! They are scare to ignore the demand of their ex colonial master because they need Western bank to help secure their loot from Africa.


They are scared because they need Western private schools for their children. They are scared because they need western hospital for themselves and their children and multiple wives, so they cannot go against their colonial masters. These Western institutions continues prefer us to starve our people as long as we pay them so-called loans that were re-deposited back to their banks by corrupt African leaders.


In fact, these are so-called African Leaders are Not only serving the interest of western nations, they make sure that colonial education, culture and values continues to dominate the minds of our African children.


As a child growing in Africa, my teacher tried everything to beat the “African out of me” I was constantly whipped for speaking my African language.  I was prohibited to dress in my African clothes,  I was forced to adopt strange English names, and I was even prohibited to ask any question relating to my own African history. You see in Africa today, colonial education remains the order or the day. From our kindergarten to the highest level of our educational system.


Many Africans are quick to name all Greek philosophers and never can name one African philosopher. Most Africans can make reference, quote and discuss all past and preset European system of government, and can never name any pre-colonial system of government that existed in Africa.


So you see, it very easy to see Africans, who were not even on the slave ship proudly names themselves and their children after colonial names. All over Africa, Tom. West, Linda. Sylvester , Esther, Mabel and so on and so forth.. You wonder why is it that Africans are the only people of the face of the earth today that are ashamed of using their African names.


That’s why I have repeated in many of past speeches that for Africans to be United, we have to decolonize our Minds. Eliminate colonial and slave mentality, only then, we can fully understand and forge a united bond for prosperity.




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