Home News Shocking as Woman gives reason why she ‘Tied’ her Husband Spiritually.

Shocking as Woman gives reason why she ‘Tied’ her Husband Spiritually.



Husband Spiritually
Husband Spiritually

Africans are widely known to be highly religious and also have a penchant for believing and accepting traditional and superstitious doctrines as authentic and a major source of knowledge.

Nigeria as a country in Africa, is not utterly exempted from these said behavioural way of life especially within families who hold unto traditions and ancestral customs.

There is also the general belief in the supernatural deities that is often talked about and taught in higher institutions as African Traditional Religion (ATR). Moreover, there is the belief in the power of the occult and use of diabolical mediums to pass across information’s messages, and in extreme cases used negatively to achieve certain personal or collective interest.

Just when many Nigerians thought they have seen it all with regards to the numerous stories regarding marital unions and diabolism over the country, out pops another spiritual entanglement and fiasco between a husband and wife who had lived together for quite a substantial duration of years with kids as well.

In fact the couples misunderstanding which was said to have been as a result of a discovery a by the husband and a confession by the wife degenerated to an unbearable level that it took the intervention and requirement of legal system to resolve the situation.

According to reports, the case was taken to a court in Mapo, at Ibadan, on Thursday, 14 January 2021 with the intention of dissolving the marriage which has lasted for duration of 15-years.

The marital dissolution was between a
Mother of two, Olubunmi Faseyitan, and her husband, Kolawole, over traditional superstitious belief of ”witchcraft” suspicion.

Meanwhile, the presiding judge at the court, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved the marriage after Faseyitan admitted that she asked a witch doctor to ”tie her husband spiritually to milk him dry.”

The arbitrator by way of support for the children’s welfare also ordered their father Mr Kolawole to pay a token sum of N6, 000 monthly for the children’s upkeep.

Meanwhile, it was reported Mrs Faseyitan had earlier disclosed that; her actions were never intended as a death wish on her husband. According to her;

“All I wanted was to keep him in bondage and make him sick until he serves his purpose.

”I only told the witch doctor so that people would be convinced that his second wife was responsible for the calamity that befell him.”

Moreso, Kolawole, who was a factory worker, was said to have prayed for the dissolution of his 15-year-old marriage on grounds that his wife was into black magic.

”I did everything possible to please her, but it was not enough. I abandoned the home for her. She confessed to me,” he said.

He concluded by tendering before the court as evidence, a recorded conversation between his wife and the alleged witch doctor who was earlier reported to be her accomplice.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer


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