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A Retrospective look at the scandal case of the suspended MD of FCMB

Paternity scandal: Over 1,927 demanMD of FCMB   sacking - Bank begins probe

One could only but imagine the mixed feelings of emotions, surprise and tension faced by anyone, when news sources reports scandalous stories about their personal and secretive lives to the hearing of public, friends and families. It is indeed not a nice feeling.

Same scenario one could probably imagine with conviction was the case when the news of the now suspended managing director of First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Mr Adam Nuhu who was accused of being in a long and unwholesome sexual relationship with one of his subordinate staff, was brought to the awareness of the general public.

Instinctively and figuratively speaking, Adam Nuhu, knew that his life was over and that the forthcoming weeks were going to be very turbulent and unpleasant as expected criticisms from friends, families, colleagues associates, even rivals, were going to be thrown at him, from every corner and even from the media as Well.

Anyone who would like to play advocate and build a case in favour of Nuhu for instance, could start imagining that for more than two decades, Mr Nuhu had studiously avoided scandal or controversy as he preoccupied himself strictly with banking activities, pledging unwavering loyalty to his marriage with his pretty wife Hauwa, and his family.

However, no matter how long one tries to keep up a charade and play smart in life, there is one thing that cannot be disputed about life, and that simply is its uncertainties and unpredictable nature especially as evident in a case of the MD of FCMB who was known to be surrounded by detractors.

According to story, the suspended MD was allegedly engrossed in an amorous affair with a former female employee of the bank named Moyo, who reportedly gave birth to two kids for him, while she was married to another man.

Reports further revealed that Moyo’s husband was so devastated at the discovery of the romance between his wife and her boss and the realization that their two children belonged to Nuhu and not he, the authentic husband, that he developed a stroke and later died of heart failure a few days to his proposed wedding with another lady.

It is alarming to note that in a society where so many persons are very ‘economical with the truth’ and where infidelity is subtly regarded as a sin smaller only than murder, emotions were bound to run wild with loss of life and paternity fraud involved.

This situation therefore became the bedrock for the numerous outrages and waggling of tongues that greeted the news as pressure mounted on the Central Bank of Nigeria and the authorities of FCMB to investigate the matter and sanction Nuhu.

Finally, the board of FCMB yielded to criticisms and pressures and ordered Nuhu’s suspension as the MD, appointing Mrs Yemisi Edun as the acting MD.

However, this punitive measure was not enough, as it only served as the beginning of many woes to come for the former MD, as new sources disclosed further that his original wife had left him and filed for a divorce.

This indeed is the damning story of once a prestigious Nuhu who, through his human indiscretion lost his exotic and dignifying job as the chief executive officer of one of the prominent banks.

Worst still is the seeming abandonment by family members which is an obvious contrast to the show of solidarity the members of Moyo’s family exhibited for their daughter.

For the alleged love birds, it has been a case of different strokes for different folks. While members of Moyo’s family are rallying round her, defending her desperately, Nuhu’s family appear less enthusiastic about sticking their necks out for him even while the result of the investigation ordered by the authorities of FCMB was yet to be made public. It once again provokes the question as to why the male partner is almost always the one at the receiving end in such matters.

For the sake of posterity and humanity, Nuhu must not be left to bear this cross alone. Despite the fact that he was guilty of the alleged act of infidelity, it still will be too much a punishment that a man who once boasted a beautiful wife and another beautiful side chick would suddenly be turned into an absolute ridicule. All those who have any form of positive influence on Madam Hauwa must do all they can to persuade her to return to her matrimonial home immediately. To err, they say, is human and to forgive divine.By way of recommendation a committee should be constituted to look into ways of eliminating the threats to the marriage of the embattled MD. Their plea will include establishing the veracity or otherwise of the claim that the MD had a habit of flirting with female subordinates while giving Hauwa the impression that he was working very hard in the office. They would also have to find out from Hauwa if Nuhu was fond of making passes at other female folks whilst together on social outings.

The committee must of necessity summon Moyo from her base in the US for a physical assessment of her looks, figure and shape with a view to establishing or dismissing the likelihood of Nuhu being attracted by them. While the authorities of FCMB must be commended for insight and thoughtfulness with their decision to opt for a woman as a replacement for the suspended MD, it is important to know what features of a woman can constitute banana peels for future male MDs.

Conclusively, the committee will have to find out what lessons other male bosses in the habit of seducing female subordinates can learn from Nuhu’s experience.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese.

Staff Writer




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