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President Buhari needs to take a stand on criminal herders – Abaribe



President Buhari
President Buhari

The issues of the lingering Fulani herdsmen across the country especially in the different forest around certain regions of specific states in the nation has finally become a thing of utmost concern and worry, and it has equally raised series of questions on the threat they pose to the challenges of Insecurity within the federation.

Gone are those days when you’ll see a herder with their usual stick across the shoulder controlling and coordinating their cattles while they graze. Nowadays, we hear of herdsmen carrying sophisticated weapons, and sometimes these arms are even bigger and better than some of the ones our security outfits carry while on duty.

The questions many Nigerians are asking are that how do they acquire these weapons and what are the reasons for these weapons acquisition?

Recall that when these weapons were initially seen with these herdsmen earlier on they claimed that they were being used for protection since they too were being attacked by robbers and sometimes their cows confiscated.

It is no longer a hidden secret that these herdsmen operate for some bigger owners as caretakers of their livestock. If the above is the case then are the original owners of these cattles the one equipping them with these weapons?

There is also the issue of the fact that president Buhari is a Fulani and there are many who believe he is being coy on the issue of herdsmen and do not want to speak much about them and on the alleged atrocities being perpetrated by these so called herdsmen.

Just recently a senate minority leader by name Eyinnaya Abaribe, has beckoned on President Muhammadu Buhari to condemn criminal herders so as to douse the tension in the country.

The senator made this call on Monday 16 February 2021 while speaking on the popular morning show called Sunrise Daily, a Channels TV programme which was also closely monitored by The Cable.

The senator expressed worry over the diplomatic quietude of the president on insecurity and activities of criminal herders.

He said the “president needs to come out” and address Nigerians on this very sensitive topic and also, to denounce the banditry associated with it as well, so that “everybody sees that he is owning this problem”

Furthermore Abaribe disclosed that it is not good enough for the president’s spokespersons to constantly release statements on the matter but rather come out to condemn the criminal activities associated with them as confirmed by victims of their incessant attacks and Kidnappings.

He noted that the president has never explicitly stated that “criminal herdsmen will never be tolerated in this country”.

The minority leader said the Buhari administration is giving Nigerians the impression that there are two levels of justice.

Abaribe accused the government of treating criminal herders with kids’ gloves, adding that the response is to blame for the tension building up across the country.

It is indeed important for the president to be seen by all as an objective and unbiased leader who stands for the common good of citizens of this great and federal republic of Nigeria.

This would go a long way to stop unnecessary speculations that they are being sponsored or encouraged by his administration or that they impunity they exhibit is testament to the fact that they have ulterior motives which is being supported by a superior power.

All these are mandatory for the president in order to quell the increasing tensions and palpable fears of citizens who indeed are no longer finding these situations funny or comfortable anymore.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer

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