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2023 Elections: Christians needs to be given the opportunity to become president by 2023.- CAN

2023 Elections
2023 Elections

As the prospect of the general elections of the federation slated for 2023 heats up, many speculations, scheming, and proposal are on the horizons both from concerned individuals and citizens as well as politicians and their different political parties.

It is no news that the seat of the presidency is the utmost concern and target of many. Moreso, it is an open secret that the position of the number one citizen of the country has a regional way of being allocated and that those in powers hardly gives or surrender power willingly without some form of fight or resistance.

The fight for power is oftentimes influenced by political parties or status, ethnicity, and most importantly financial power.

A new twist which has been a bit subtle in all of the politicking within the country is that of religious interest.

Just recently there was a call from the Christian religious sect to suggest that the opportunity to handle power and be at the helm of affairs for the next presidential elections come 2023 be given to them.

This opinion was clearly stated by Samson Ayokunle, who happens to be the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

He claimed that he would support and stands by the call for a Christian president to emerge in 2023.

Ayokunle made these comments during a courtesy visit at the National Ecumenical Centre in Abuja, by members of Nigeria Equity Group (NEG).

The CAN president who spoke through Joseph Daramola, the general secretary of CAN, related the clerics intentions saying that, “politicians must ensure that political and economic opportunities are fairly distributed for the country to enjoy enduring peace and harmony.”

He suggested a new twist to the way of politicking in Nigeria disclosing that political opportunities must not only be shared between the north and south but among the two main religious groups in the country.

The CAN president furthermore, lauded and encouraged the NEG for their efforts so far especially in championing this initiative and urged all Nigerians who hoped to see the dawn of a new era and believed in fairness and equity to support the group.

Meanwhile, Emeka Nwosu, the national convener of NEG, said the group made this all important visit to the CAN president’s office in order to seek for his spiritual blessings and official endorsement as they planned to embark on this important and nationwide sensitisation campaign for a Christian to emerge as the next president.

In His statements, Nwosu urged political parties to field Christian candidates from the south as their presidential flag bearers since President Muhammadu Buhari, who is a Muslim, will be completing his term of eight years in 2023..

He continued by stating that the NEG will aid in bringing about the much anticipated harmony, and reduce all forms of tensions and create an atmosphere that would open the political space for healthy competition without anyone feeling marginalised.

According to Nwosu, there are indeed without a doubt many qualified and competent Christians across within the various political parties in the federation who when given the opportunity, can effectively direct the affairs of this great nation.

In as much as many would want to frown at the religious dichotomy being proposed by CAN and as such, want to be critical of the proposed mission of the NEG, it is imperative according to some school of thoughts, to be fair and ensure objectivity by trying out other methods especially when the old ways seem not to have been fully effective as generally anticipated by all.



Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff writer




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