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Obi Vows to Deliver 20,000MW to Nigerians in 4 Years as Datti Baba Ahmed Fight Tears on National TV


Obi Promises 20,000MW Power Supply - Akahi NewsBy Uche Amunike

The Presidential flag bearer of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, alongside his running mate, Datti Baba Ahmed, during a Channels Television Town Hall Meeting, Sunday, has assured Nigerians that there will be a power surge experienced in the first four years of his administration if he becomes president and further stated that the lease power will not be less than 20,000MW and will be supplied to every home in the country.

Speaking, during the meet, as they fielded questions from the press on his plans for Nigeria, he stated that his administration will be people oriented, while assuring that they will do even more for them.

While making his contribution to the ma, Obi’s running mate, Datti Baba Ahmed, stated the need for Nigerians to understand that delivering power to them, came with a price, pointing out that the marginal increase in electricity and fuel might affect other areas of the economy.

He made this assertion: ‘Nigerians should not be afraid to spend if you are spending correctly and you are going to get value.’

‘This is a national attitudinal revolution. We have to erase the think that the moment you touch some economic fundamentals you are going against the people’s economic doctrine, this has given way to value chain processes.’

‘I used to say that why buy fuel cheap and buy security were expensive.’

‘We need to let Nigerians know well ahead of time of this revolution that is coming, that it is your understanding and your participation has to be actually there?’

He stressed that without Nigerians giving their overall interest to making the country, better, nothing will be achieved, adding that in the past, was an era that took electricity coming cheap, for granted. However, in today’s era, the government was still making adjustments and depending on a level where they have to pay commercial rates.

His words: ‘If the people refuse to pay then we’ll have a problem with our own work and the government will have to continue to subsidize, Datti Baba Ahmed stated.

Ahmed also assured that any vote for his principal, Peter Obi, was a voter for the unity of Nigeria. He stated that the Labour Party will face the major task of uniting the country, fighting insecurity and addressing the menace of corruption and the country’s dwindling economy.

His words: ‘But the thing that I was able to sort [out] with the [opposing] presidential and vice-presidential candidate, I ended up suffering on a much lesser level.’

‘Thirty-five years ago, at least, our dad of blessed memory passed away. No one ever insulted him until I joined elections for presidency. This is not fair. It doesn’t happen anywhere in the world.

‘You don’t insult people’s parents or their families. It’s a huge price for anyone to pay,’ Baba-Ahmed said, evidently fighting back tears during the town hall meet.

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