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Obi Cubana Iyiegbu Indicates Interest to Mentor Ajah Hawker, Condemns Drug Peddling

Obi Cubana
Obi Cubana

By Uche Amunike

Entrepreneur and billionaire socialite, Obi Cubana Iyiegbu, who is the Chairman of the Cubana Group, Saturday, promised to mentor the young hawker, Akuma Jeremiah, who was caught on camera last week while he was giving money to persons being transported to prison in a Nigerian Correctional Service van at the Ajah area of Lagos State.
Speaking during an Instagram live interview with radio talk show host and broadcaster, Ifedayi Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, Obi Cubana Iyiegbu stated that he intended to sponsor the young boy’s education in any tertiary institution of his choice and as well, have him established, after school.
He added that he was touched by the fact that the young boy, who was an ordinary hawker, gave hundred naira notes to people in a prison van, even though he was not aware that he was being recorded by a concerned passer-by who was driving on the same road.
His words: ‘Love should be shown in our actions and not just in our words. I want to meet the young boy who, despite being a hawker, gave N100 notes to people in a prison van and was not even aware that he was being filmed by a concerned passerby who was driving on the same road’, he said.
‘Anyone who knows him should connect the boy with Daddy Freeze or me. I want him to go to school in good condition, and I would see him through the university, and if he wants to do his Masters degree abroad, I would also make sure that he is comfortable while going to school because his generosity touched me’, the socialite reiterated.
He assured that he would do whatever the young hawker wanted him to do for him and vowed that after his schooling, he would give him a top level position at any of his organizations, but added that he was free to do as he pleased if he however found a higher calling.
Obi Cubana Iyiegbu maintained that he wanted the young Ekumah Jeremiah to know that he now had a mentor in him who was prepared to guide him through this tough world.
Recall that the Cubana recently spent some time in the office of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) after he was invited for questioning over his alleged ties to certain drug traffickers.
During his interview with Daddy Fresh, he stated that even though he had confidence in the NDLEA to do a good job, linking him with trafficking in hard drugs made him feel low.
Recall also, that the the Cubana Group boss, Obi Cubana Iyiegbu, had been in detention by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), for alleged money laundering before he encountered NDLEA.
He stated that people usually faced challenges through life’s journey and that he was presently facing his own challenges at the moment. He however added, that after being detained for four days and three nights by the NDLEA, he did not feel bad because he believed the agency will do a thorough job and that if he was cleared, he will be allowed to go home, since it was not a witch hunt.
He admitted that linking him to a drug issue was however repulsive because it was something he had made a covenant never to support, invest in, or be a part of. He submitted that he has always fought against anything that will make him get an invitation from the NDLEA as drugs destroy generations and that his children could also become victims. So, he never believed in drug peddling.
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