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“Nothing Musa no go see” – UK-based lady creates a buzz ordering cooked soup from Nigeria (Video)



lady identified as @graceonas80 has given the world a glimpse into the astonishing process of packaging and sending freshly cooked Nigerian soups to the UK.

The video has since gone viral, leaving viewers in awe of the international culinary journey that these traditional dishes are embarking on.

The video showcases the meticulous packaging of a delicacy known as Egusi soup, a popular Nigerian dish made from ground melon seeds, vegetables, and various spices.

@graceonas80 wrote;

“Nothing wey musa nor go see for gate, person go just order cooked soup from Naija to UK.”

The seller featured in the video confidently assures potential customers that the soup will remain frozen throughout its journey to the United Kingdom.

“E no fit melt, this one has been in our freezer for 6 days. We’re delivering this packed freshly cooked Egusi soup to the United Kingdom,” the seller said.

Netizens Reactions…

@Skipoyoung reacted; “You say 6 days and you call ham freshly cooked.”

@user1834806623944 said; “As long as it is frozen, it is still fresh.”

@jamBuzey reacted; “Even if the money Dey throway, I no go order cooked soup abroad. I fit order ingredients and materials but no be soup abeg.”

@Kahala said; “Uk na the 37 state of Nigeria nothing anybody won tell me.”

@Bamidele_toby commented; “6 days and freshly cooked.. easy name.”

@Tanyi Ayuk said; “Why it is paining u.”

@user2132222252772 said; “Everything is here in abroad why should I order it.”

@Nollywoodseries commented; “Fresh soup since 6days.”

@Anny commented; “Like seriously… hw can u order soup from naija to UK.”

@Emmidon Duru commented; “How much is the price.”

@Geovanni said; “Do you deliver to the Netherlands.”

@Chubby reacted; “6days, packed, freshly cooked’ wow.” 

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