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Nollywood Actress Knocks Empress Njamah Over Her X-Rated Tape Leaked By Her Ex-Fiance

Empress Njamah
Empress Njamah


Uju Edochie, a Nollywood actress, has slammed her colleague Empress Njamah after her nude videos were leaked online by her estranged lover.

WITHIN NIGERIA previously reported that Empress’ estranged fiance, Josh Wade, whom she called a blackmailer, began releasing her naked videos on Monday, January 2, 2023.

Remember that Josh threatened Empress in December 2022 after she called off their engagement and went into hiding due to alleged domestic violence?

The alleged blackmailer set up a WhatsApp group and began posting naked videos of the Empress he had taken in her home.

Unclad videos of Empress Njamha bathing have been circulated on the WhatsApp platform.

Despite calls for him to be imprisoned, the Liberian has stated that he intends to make Njamah a p*rn star by posting daily nude videos 365 days a year.

Uju speaks out

Uju responded to the saga on Instagram, slamming the actress and her supporters for the leaked x-rated videos.

‘Empress ate the food she was supposed to eat in private, publicly,’ according to the actress turned special adviser, by filming nude footage of herself.

She said Nigerian women should remember they are not ‘White’ people and refrain from engaging in such behaviour because it always backfires on them.

She harshly condemned the actress, declaring her actions were evil and wrong.

She urged the actress to pull herself together and refrain from engaging in such behaviour.



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