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Being a second class citizen in another man’s country isn’t something I admire – ZicSaloma speaks on alarming rate of mass ‘japa’

second class
second class


Famous Instagram skit-maker, ZicSaloma has revealed that he does not share in the excitement of being a citizen of another country.

In a lengthy post shared via one of his official social media pages, Zic disclosed that he feels a tad bit strange when people congratulate others about their relocation.

He stated that being a 2nd class citizen in another man’s country is “not something he admires at all”. The skit-maker adds that he feels sad about the ongoing mass relocation.

According to him, it feels as though many have given up hope in Nigeria.

ZicSaloma wrote:

“I don’t know, but I feel somehow when I see people congratulate people who ‘japad’. It seems everyone is hopeless about the Nigerian situation; being a second class citizen in another man’s country is not something I admire at all.
About my last tweet about ‘Japa’. I never said anyone can’t leave Nigeria if it’s their dream. I am just concerned about the mass relocation which in my opinion, seems like everyone has totally given up on the country and If every has that mind set, we can’t stand and f#ght… Many young people do not even care about the country they are going. They just wanna leave.

No wounder I have met some of my friends in some of these countries (wouldn’t want to call names) and they live in worse situations than when they were in Nigeria.
Before you japa to a random country, inquire about their immigration laws and not just becos the country is fine. Of course, I would not want to post screenshots of Nigerians in some countries begging for funds to clear their overstay and return to Nigeria.

So I made that post because It is my dream to see Nigeria work and not because I have money in Nigeria – as many of you think. I first traveled to South Africa and Dubai before I became a house hold name in Nigeria and did not think twice about returning.

I still have faith in my country Nigeria I might not be the popular voice you hear on social media ranting about bad government but I really want young people to stand and ensure this country works. How would someone who wants this feel when every young person you turn to says, ‘omoh! once I just see chance, I don comot for this hopeless country’. Everything I said is my opinion about how I see the whole ‘japa’ thing.”



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