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Nigerian Has Never Been This Plagued With Issues Of insecurity In Her History – Gombe State Governor

Gombe State Governor
Gombe State Governor

One of the most highly worrying and constantly talked about topic in Nigeria presently, apart from the obvious economic hardships faced by citizens is the issue of insecurity which is rampant all over the nation. Daily news of insurgency, banditry and herdsmen’s attacks, molestations and oppression by sometimes political leaders and even officials of the law, ritual killings, kidnapping spree on the highways and even local communities and other numerous dastardly acts are on the increase despite the efforts of the government of the day and the security outfits put in place.

Many citizens are tired of singing the same unending song and hearing same old stories of promises that are never fulfilled or take longer time to be executed.

In fact, many view the prevailing nature of insecurity has been politically sponsored or having a unique and powerful backing a reason which make it difficult for the government of the day to fully eradicate this social ill.

Others are of the strong opinion that international aid is needed to tackle this ugly trend of constant insecurity which has overwhelmed the nation as a whole.

Just recently news sources revealed the opinion of the governor of Gombe state on the pressing issue of insecurity, saying that Nigeria is presently experiencing the worst security challenge in its history,

Governor Inuwa Yahaya, of Gombe state, could not hold back his feelings while he expressed that enough is enough as the insecurities is becoming alarming and unbearable to citizens of the country. In our history has a country we have never witnessed such high level of insecurity and uncertainty the governor lamented.

According to news reports, this statement by Yahaya was revealed on Monday the 21 of December 2020 during a swearing-in ceremony of the chairmen of the 11 local government areas in the state.

In his remarks, the governor made references to the ugly trends and devastating incidents reoccurring and ravaging the whole country, the alarming negative effects of Insecurity has eaten deep into the core of the country’s system such that activities ranging from of kidnapping, banditry and insurgency have been on the rise across the country in recent times.

The governor however, while congratulating the newly inducted officials spoke about the incessant lack of security and protection given to citizens both state and federal. He enjoined the new chairmen to take security of lives and properties seriously.

“As you are all aware, Nigeria is facing the worst security challenge in its history. We must therefore put in place necessary measures to protect the lives and property of our people,” Yahaya said.

“I call on the new chairmen to ensure that any measures taken are fully implemented and sustained in order to ensure the security and wellbeing of the lives and property of the people.

“As agents of change at the grassroots, you are expected to come up with constructive and workable ideas for the development and transformation of your respective Local Governments. I implore you to use your wealth of experience in order to speedily move our Local Governments forward and provide the much-needed dividends of democracy to our people.”

Governor Yahaya also addressed the issue of corruption and promptly cautioned the chairmen to embrace transparency and accountability in the discharge of their official duties, warning that his government will not tolerate any act of dishonesty and fraudulent practices.

“Therefore, you must all strive to live above board and ensure transparency in the conduct of your duties. I charge you to be fair, equitable and just to all citizens irrespective of political or cultural differences. The relative peace and harmony that is prevailing in the state must be guarded jealously,” he said.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

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