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Nigerian Economy News: We will convert your Cars and Generators to run on Gas; FG promises Nigerians

Nigerian Economy News
Nigerian Economy News

The Minister of States for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylvia has confirmed that the Federal Government will from October begin the conversion of cars and generators of Nigerians to run on gas.

The Minister affirmed that this will be done free of charge for Nigerians in order to cushion the effects of the hardships or inconveniences, caused by the recent hike in pump price of petrol.

Speaking on NTA show ‘Good morning Nigeria’, and monitored by a reporter, he claimed that it is a fact that cars can run on both fuel and gas. As such, we the Federal government are trying to propose and create an alternative to petrol by the introduction of gas. This according to him will definitely be cheaper, and cleaner than that of subsidized petrol. We are therefore trying to create awareness for Nigerians to convert their cars to dual usage of either fuel or gas.

With this initiative of the Federal Government, cars can use both products. Consumers can now go into filling stations and see the prices of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) and LPG, (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), and have alternatives depending on their choice. After converting your car for free, you can use any products of your preference that you can afford.

According to the Minister, this move will reduce the amount of air pollution and the emissions of carbon in our surroundings and homes. It will also reduce the numerous queues, hoarding and demands for PMS, otherwise known as petrol.

The Minister further informed Nigerians that this proposed initiative of the Federal Government, will be set in motion by October, when all the logistics are finally and properly put in place. It is indeed the duty of the FG to provide basic social amenities and find alternatives to better the livelihood and socioeconomic needs of the general masses.

The Minister drew the attention of Nigerians to the fact that the Federal Government had launched a similar scheme in Port Harcourt, with the introduction of commercial Tricycles which was converted to gas and it was successful.

This proposed initiative, will also be extended to small capacity generator which is often referred to as ”I better pass my neighbour”, in the local parlance. This will enable consumers to be able to use gas for both their cylinders and generators when converted. There will thus, be the possibility of connecting our cooking gas cylinders to our generators.

The former Governor of Bayelsa state confirmed that NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation) will be the first to start selling the gas to vehicles. He went on to say that the use of gas is cleaner and climate friendly, and once we have achieved this feat, Nigeria will be able to receive funding from foreign donors and investors.

He also mentioned the fact that this will create an atmosphere of possibilities and opportunities for Nigerians, business wise and employment as well.

The Minister further explained that this initiative has been signed by the NNPC, and some private sector marketers, and that this initiative is going to be gradually implemented from one part of the country to every other part with time.

In his concluding remarks he confirmed as well that the Federal Government is already in talks with the NURTW, (Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers), and that they are already very delighted and waiting with eager anticipation for it to kick start.

Although there are rumours that the Dangote Refinery, when it eventually gets launched and comes into the picture by next year, will sell petrol at the international price says the FG. All of these alternatives are welcomed development to the growth of the nation’s economy as it will improve the standard of living of its citizens.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer


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