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Nigerian Comedian Ayo Makun Laments Economic Hardships Faced By Citizens

Nigerian Comedian Ayo Makun
Nigerian Comedian Ayo Makun

The great agitations and expectations of Nigerians which informed the decision to vote entirely for change during the 2015 presidential election seem to be a far cry from reality as things stands currently.

Recalled the Ex president being criticized for being too slow and not taking decisions and creating enough policies that would move the country and its economy towards its expectations and required development.

These disappointment from many, led to massive propaganda and clamour for change which according to Nigerians was the way forward. The presidential aspirant back now President Muhammadu Buhari promised Nigerians a change that would improve all facets of governance and gave everyone an improved standard of livelihood.

Nigerians bought into this agenda as Buhari eventually won the 2015 polls and was rightly elected president. Prior to his ascendency to the helm of affairs Buhari made the word CHANGE so famous and the phrase NEXT LEVEL to be on the lips of many Nigerians especially those who rooted for him.

Many years have gone by and Nigerians are still waiting for the change or rather they are experiencing the change in another direction being that things don’t seem to be going as initially planned and expected.

In fact things seemed to be getting worse as the cost of living keeps getting higher. Prices of goods and commodities in the marketplace are escalating on daily basis and citizens are finding it difficult to cope.

There’s also issue of removal of fuel subsidy which many Nigerians strongly believe is responsible for the hardships the economy is currently facing. Electricity tariffs luckily which was initially increased had been put on hold meanwhile.

All these decisions are coming off the effects of the Corona virus pandemic which had its toll on economies all over the world.

The question on the mind of Nigerians to the political leaders is how do they want citizens to cope with the incessant increase in the prices of commodities bills and utilities? How do they expect Nigerians to navigate the current economic crisis and hardship being witnessed by millions of citizens as seen in the desperate looting of covid-19 palliatives.

There is indeed hunger in the land and there’s the additional worries of the fact that it is a given that things are naturally expensive during the yuletide which is gradually approaching.

Many prominent personalities are joining their voices to this clarion call of addressing the current hunger cries and hardships.

The Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY and also the brain behind the annual live comedy series AY LIVE, poured out his frustrations regarding the state of the country. He took to his Twitter handle to write that people are struggling to survive in this country.

In his words:

“Truth be said… People are struggling to survive in this country”

The celebrity who is not only a comedian but also an MC and also an award-winning actor and filmmaker recently shared how disappointed he is every time he travels out of the country.

He lambasted the Nigerian political leadership saying they are not emulating and delivering on the good qualities of leadership being practiced in other parts of the world and that Nigerians are really suffering compared to what is being witnessed in developed countries.

AY made this disclosure and said that his disappointment and frustration is more when he travels out of the country to see how things are done elsewhere.

He concluded that he strongly desire to see Nigerian leaders develop the country in the same way leaders of advanced countries of the world have done.



Gift Joseph Okpakorese

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