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Nigeria Customs News: We have Boko Haram Terrorists in Abuja, Kogi and Nasarawa State

Nigeria Customs News
Nigeria Customs News

In a statement issued by the Comptroller enforcement headquarters in Abuja, the NCS alleged to have information on the presence of Boko-Haram terrorists in the FCT and that they have pitched tents and camps in the following areas:


-Kunyan bush along airport road off DIA staff quarters.

-Robochi/Gwagwalada forest, Kwaku forest.

-Unaisha. Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa.


Joseph Attach, the spokesperson of the NCS could not substantiate these claims with evidence, but however disclosed that serious and thorough investigation was ongoing and useful intelligence was being gathered as regards this information as well.


The submission of the NCS did not entirely leave much confidence in the minds of Nigerians and especially citizens of that region as they have been ponder on the daily debates, with regards to what could be the ultimate solution to the issues of terrorism and the surge of insecurity in the nation.


For there to be any form of terrorism or terrorist attacks certain mechanisms have to be put on place. Terrorist thrives or stay in places where they have logical bases and local support. They look at areas where the lands are fertile, the people or indigenes are poor, vulnerable, defenseless with little or minimal security. They target clueless, unexposed, greedy leaders and villages with whom they can have inside information and indoctrination. They seek unemployed youths who are willing to do anything for money or wealth including betraying their own, amongst others.


The prevailing questions in the minds of Nigerians however are the fact that the FG as well as the NCS, is just realizing how dire the situation is? For some, the presence of these so called terrorists all started with the huge influx of Northerners into Abuja all in the name of El-zazaky’s protest rally. Most of these people did not return back to their villages but stayed behind in the FCT and neighbouring states. They don’t know anyone, they don’t have any jobs. they wonder the streets looking for menial jobs at day and at night looking to either rob and steal from citizens. Indeed how does one expect them to feed and survive?


Others commenting on the issue said it’s imperative we find a solution to the problem rather than play the blame game. It is going to be almost impossible for them to be driven away because they will feel discrimination and oppression even within their own country. However, the idea of community policing comes to the fore.


A prominent member of the REC (Resident Electoral Commissioners), name withheld, speaking on the topic, said that, he was aware that this idea of community policing had being in existence and practiced by Rivers, Cross Rivers, Lagos, Kano, Bayelsa and Delta State, as the issue was discussed at a meeting of state election representatives before 2019 elections.


A concerned citizen commenting on national TV said that we have come to the realization of this impending and in fact already present danger, and the way to go is community policing, especially as practiced in many European countries and other parts of the world.


The real danger however, is when politicians politicize or hijack it as a tool for intimidation, because it will lose its trust and relevance. For example he continued, just like the case during the regime of Obasanjo where some Eastern governors inaugurated the Bakassi Boys. It was hailed as a breakthrough as it was represented in popular cultures like Nollywood movie but sadly it failed.


Another who joined in the debate begged to differ and stated that Bakassi boys was created to solve an immediate problem that wrecked Anambra state at that time but, had no policy and guidelines and that is why it failed despite the good job that they did.


In all of the above, terrorism is not something that should be treated with leniency by the FG or taken for granted by the NCS. Constant effort should be made to create awareness and security consciousness amongst citizens, and even villagers with regards to strange and suspicious behaviours by strangers or visitors within their environment.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer

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