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Female Undergraduate Strangled to death in Hotel by Suspected Ritualists


Uniben student allegedly strangled to death inside a hotel by suspected ritualist - Legit News Hub's

A female undergraduate from the University of Benin, UNIBEN, has been reportedly Strangled to death in a hotel room with the intention of what many perceived to be either rituals for politics or money.

Miss Chinenye Promise Nwonye, who unfortunately happened to be the victim, hails from Iruokpala, in Abba Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra state. The incident was reported to have happened at Abagana, in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra state.

Further investigation revealed that the victim was strangled to death inside a hotel room.

The circumstances that led to her demise are still not clear, with many trying to unravel the inexplicable mystery surrounding her death.

Eyewitnesses claimed that she was a victim of con artist or scammers or perhaps ritualists, who kidnapped and lured her into the hotel.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many facilities such as hotels, brothels and motels or even guest houses, were shut down. It was gathered however that, this particular hotel in question continued its normal activities and that, people where still lodging and checking out of the hotel as usual although without documentation.

Many were of the opinion that perhaps the lack of documentation, would have been the reason why Nonye was cajoled there in the first place because, there won’t be any sign or trace that could lead back to the culprits.


Some of the passersby who lived within that vicinity, wondered and questioned why the hotel should be opened to guests and customers in the first place, as against government regulations on the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Others felt that if at all they decided to go against government policies and operated secretly they should have at least been wise enough to carry out documentation in case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

There was so much sympathy and empathy for the family of the deceased and speculations as well, as some persons began to allude to the possibility of hotels such as this being a hideout for evil and nefarious persons such as hoodlums and kidnappers.

Prior to her being lured to the hotel for this evil act, the late Nonye was a student on scholarship at the University of Benin.  She had opted to attend computer lessons at a neighbouring state due to the corona virus pandemic which disrupted her studies.

The deceased was reported to have called her family demanding the pin of her ATM to free herself from kidnappers. What then transpired that eventually led to her killing is what many could not understand.  Was it the case that she tried to shout, struggle or fight with whoever it was, that held her captive? Was it just one individual or more that lured her to the hotel room?

Her mother Mrs Chinyere Nwonye and her uncle Jude Okoye who narrated the story, said that they had quickly rushed to the hotel address upon answering her calls and hearing the news that she was in danger, at the hands of kidnappers. They however, blamed the hotel management and administration in their complacency and insensitivity, which resulted in the painful demise of their daughter Chinenye. They went further to call upon the aid and intervention of the government and all human rights activists and institutions to help them bring the perpetrators of this criminal act to justice.

Meanwhile, the police officers from Abagana divisional police station came and took the corpse to Bekee hospital morgue in Nimo Njikoka Local Government Area.

Some suspects who were initially, arrested, including a staff of the hotel,  obviously for questioning, have been released, probably following intense pressure to allow the matter be swept under the carpet.

The state police gave a statement through their spokesperson, SP. Haruna Mohammed who said that one suspect and not two was detained over the incident.  He further added that the case has been transferred to the State’s Criminal Investigation Department, CID for further investigation.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer

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