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Is The Covid-19 Pandemic Over In Nigeria?

Covid-19 Pandemic
Covid-19 Pandemic

Take a quick look at these headlines:

-Plateau now epicentre of COVID-19 Pandemic, says PTF
-Falana demands information on N338bn COVID-19
-296 new COVID-19 cases recorded in 16 states, FCT.
-NCDC :begins onsite testing.
-PTF: Lagos passes COVID-19 peak.
-COVID-19: FG shifts resumption of int’l flights and school reopening to September 5.
From the above recent reports, it clearly shows how far we have come as a Nation in tackling the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic.
However, upon recent research interactions and investigations from the streets, and amongst local indigenes, there is the strong opinion amongst lots of individuals, who clearly no longer identify with the belief of the presence of this once feared pandemic.
Taking a tour around the metropolis recently to have an objective view of the situation on ground, it was noticed that there were minimal number of persons putting on the Nose/ Face Mask and majority of them were worn inappropriately.
Furthermore, upon interactions and investigations even on social media platforms, it was observed that some
individuals were of the opinion that, the whole concept of the pandemic in the first place,was a scam and farce. while others, who agreed to the fact of its existence all over the world, denied it’s existence in Nigeria.
A learned few however, alluded to the fact that they believed and felt it was real at some point and present within the country but also added that the pandemic had passed it worst and most feared stage, and had easily been dealt with if not completely eradicated.
While trying to put all these in perspective, I decided to recall vividly, the fear that greeted everyone upon the news of the outbreak of the virus in Nigeria, and finally it’s gradual spread amongst the states within the country.
It’s true however, that daily reports and updates had not stopped from the NCDC. Recent developments have also shown that most Nigerians no longer care about or consider it’s danger as they are gradually easing into and going back to their previous life styles, especially those which involve their personal businesses and that which is within the scope of their individual freedom, power and expressions in as much as its not against state or Government policies or regulations.
Recently, amidst fear of possible risks, different arms of government are all joining the queue in easing up on activities which were once on lockdown. There is a strong consideration of schools reopening, WAEC exams have already began all over the country. Churches and Mosques have resumed though, with special emphasis on governmental regulatory guidelines.
The questions to ask therefore are;
-Are we really free and safe to take things for granted with regards to this
-Is the corona virus really over?
-Was the pandemic really ever in Nigeria?
-Are the news reports we get daily and the figure’s expressed therein for real, or authentic?
-Are all these propaganda, all part of a big ploy for political gains?
The answers to these questions like a famous Poet would say, is blowing in the winds. However, I would like to end this by stating in line with the Great Philosopher Paschal Blaise, in his theory of the of famous wager, which states that ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry… It’s better to prepare than not be prepared. so as not to end up regretting, or be disappointed by our actions and choices
Tread carefully folks.
Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff writer
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