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I No Like Where Them Bury Me


A man hired a vehicle to take a relative’s corps home for burial.
As they approached a regular police check point on their route, The man asked the driver to stop and help unload the coffin from the Vehicle unto his head.

A very surprised driver tried to talk him out of it for fear of what the police will do to him at their check point. And the following conversation ensued between the man, the driver and then the checkpoint policemen.

Driver; Oga those police no go gree you pass with that coffin for ya head o
Man; No be me get my head and the coffin? I beg put di thing for my head jo.
Driver; Na real trouble you wan put yaself so
Man; I beg come meet me for front after the check point.

Man walks towards the check point.
Police 1; hey you, stop there. Na wetin you carry for head (pointing a touch in his face)
Police 2; Hey no be coffin him carry so come here (cocking a gun at him)
Man: Yes o na my coffin. I no like yonder wey dem bury me so I wan go bury myself for another place.

All the police men at the check point scamper away so fast in fear some leaving their guns behind not to return for a long while. The man walked past the now unmanned check point unchecked, with the driver of the ambulance following right behind him. Both laughing their heads off at the police.




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