Home Entertainment How Nigerians in UK celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

How Nigerians in UK celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral
Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Some Nigerians in the United Kingdom joined the British royal family and well-wishers to celebrate the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II with customised uniformed attire, popularly known as ‘aso-ebi’.

The excited Nigerians were photographed wearing attire of different colours customised with the Queen’s portrait printed on it.

“Our London Aunties are not joking ooo… Repping Naija all the way,” posted Owambe UK to its Facebook page.

“It started as a joke and one of us took it seriously. The outfits were turned around in four days and delivered from Lagos to London the day before the event,” it added.

The post further said, “It went viral, was on Sky News and the Palace has now requested for it to be displayed at London Museum.”




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