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Shocking as Gov Nyesom Wike’s Father’s Church In Port Harcourt Is Rocked By Tragic Explosion

Gov Nyesom Wike
Gov Nyesom Wike

A shocking and unexpected explosion has been reported to have taken place at the church premises of the father to the rivers state governor Nyesom Wike. The name of the Church is, ‘The Universal Church’ it is located at Azikiwe Street in Diobu area of Port Harcourt, the Rivers capital.

The explosion which rocked the Christian Universal Church in Port Harcourt was said to be a church which he, J.N.E. Wike, the father of the state governor, was not just an owner but also a general overseer as well.

According to news sources and eyewitnesses reports five unknown persons were revealed to have attacked the church on Saturday night, but two of them were apprehended and held captive by youths /vigilantes and security officers in the area.

Narrating his experience of the incidence, the assistant chief security officer of Azikiwe Street, Mr Collins Johnbull, disclosed that they had all assumed that the suspects were regular church members until they were treated to the shocking sound of an unexpected explosion which occurred within the church premises.

He further explained to investigative personnel how the security officers in the area swung into action upon seeing some of the suspected culprits trying to jump out and escape through the church’s window. He also confirms that they were all putting on masks to hide their identities and carrying guns and ammunitions as well.

He further affirmed that in their efforts to confront these criminal elements they succeeded in apprehending two of them, and that they have been handed over to the police for further investigations and Interrogations.

Meanwhile, during the course of the confrontations, and pursuit, one of the security officers was said to have sustained multiple and severe injuries and has been taken to the hospital and hopefully he’s recuperating fine.

As a result of this incidence Sunday’s morning, services were accompanied with a huge presence of security personnels in the territory and mostly around the church premises. Meanwhile some other parts within the community were diverted off to traffic.

The questions however, bothering the minds of many of the worshippers as well as well meaning citizens is that, was this attack on the church politically motivated or was it just a random robbery attack?

Secondly if it was meant to be a random robbery who then goes to rob a church with explosives if there’s indeed no other ulterior motives?

Was it the case that the father of Wike had accumulated for himself political or religious enemies that are trying to get back at him in this way? There are so many unanswered questions and puzzle regarding this incidence

Hopefully, answers to most of these questions would be properly clarified pending the outcome of the investigations and informations gotten from the suspected culprits already apprehended.



Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer



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