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#GejWhileYouWereAway: Mixed reactions from Nigerians on Buhari’s Peformance So Far


Nigerians are currently breaking Twitter, a social internet site, with #GejWhileYouWereAway, a hashtag that seeks to update immediate past vllkyt1126e8qs6i38.01b7b343President Goodluck Jonathan on the developments in the country since he left power on 29 May.

While some, who commented, went comical, some took their criticisms against current President Muhammadu Buhari, describing him as slow and spending money from the same treasury he said was dry.

Yet, others went against Jonathan reminding him of the successes achieved by Buhari so far in relation to fighting corruption and ensuring stable power supply to Nigerians.

For example, a Nigerian who goes by the Twitter handle: @Jauroboo, said: “#GejWhileYouWereAway we discovered that looting has dropped drastically; we now know that stealing is corruption.”

Tosin Bayo Yusuf, tweeting through @olutbyusuf, said: “I have saved alot on PMS (petrol) as I am yet to use my generator in 4 (four) weeks. I have bought perishables in cartons and in bulk #GejWhileYouWereAway.”

On his own, Mayowa Aderogbin with the handle: @OJ_aderogbin, said: “#GejWhileYouWereAway some of us switched to the ruling party! After all who are we not to.”

For @Misan1Icon, who wanted to be on the safer side, she quoted someone else as saying “Buhari put his sidechic as INEC acting Chairman #GEJWhileYouWereAway.”

Olugbenga Ashiru went for the National Assembly. Using the handle: @Olugbenga01, he said: “#GejWhileYouWereAway Our Senators and Reps turned to WWE Superstars and are now getting set for WWE Heavyweight championship fight.”

He also tweeted: “#GejWhileYouWereAway Osibanjo is still reporting Saraki to GMB everyday for calling him a mere commissioner.”

Speaking about the treasury which was alleged to have been dry, @yomisaint said: “#GejWhileYouWereAway The biblical verse that dead bones can rise again was fulfilled. An empty treasury springs Billions.”

Kingsley Okeke, through @DonMakata, said: “#GejWhileYouWereAway we’ve been on auto-pilot where you stopped. Baba Go Slow is still studying your handover note.”

Read some of the tweets below:

@macpetrus: #GejWhileYouWereAway The Banks have stopped lending, they said they can’t give loans in a period of Uncertainty.

@TWEETEST_BOI: #GEJWhileYouWereAway your Boy Timi Dakolo now performs only at child dedications

Ukep Bassey @ukgreat: #GEJWhileYouWereAway: the govt has been begging for patience, Pls Sir, can u pls send her back to Aso rock!

@Rhodymite_: #GejWhileYouWereAway Boko Haram has killed close to 1,000 Nigerians in just 41 days.

@yojora: #GejWhileYouWereAway NDLEA woke up and they started doing their job….even though it seems they’re over doing it

@yojora: #GejWhileYouWereAway some nollywood stars have not been able to go to aso villa to collect their allowance…

@Windylovey: #GEJWhileYouWereAway some hypnotized Nigerians regretted not re-electing u & those who betrayed u are sitting on d bench of regret now.

@Tomyboiz: #GejWhileYouWereAway They said we need Patience with the new Govt,did you leave her behind at the Villa??

@Iam_SuperTed: #GejWhileYouWereAway NFF sacked Keshi! He can now coach Bayelsa United.

@chrisrexcollins: #Gejwhileyouwereaway they have dismantled all military check point giving their boko brodas access to operate uninterruptedly.

@Twickta: #GEJWhileYouWereAway electricity GENERATION IMPROVED, and Gbagada now has light 18 hours a day

@Oddy4real: #GEJWhileYouWereAway , Pa Buhari magically distributed money from the empty treasury you left behind. GENIUS! http://pic.twitter.com/dZkWmOJPB7

Adetayo ricky: @Twickta: “@Naijablogger: #GejWhileYouWereAway Your followers want Buhari to do in one month what you couldn’t do in 6yrs.”

Tweeting through @blossomnnodim, a Nigerian simply posited: “I can bet that for the very first time, former President Jonathan will login to Twitter and have a good laugh. #GEJWhileYouWereAway

“As funny as the #GEJWhileYouWereAway tweets may sound, a careful evaluation of the message contained will get you to pray more for @MBuhari.”



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