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Soon to be US. Ex-President, Trump’s Magnificient Home in January Revealed- By HELLO!

Magnificient Home
Ex-President, Trump’s Magnificient Home

With all the paparazzies and media frenzies that accompanied the just concluded American elections, and after losing the election against Joe Biden, Donald Trump has also given up his residence because he is due to vacate the White House in Washington, come January 2021.

However it’s not all gloom and sadness for him because, his private homes include two of the most incredible properties one can ever imagine. In fact according to news source HELLO! who had previously had an exclusive access into the Presidents magnificent home, they claimed that both Towers of Trump are built to the highest state of the art.

They are often referred to as the “Trump World Towers” which is located in New York; Trump’s main base is a penthouse suite on the 66th floor of the Trump World Tower. Each bedroom boasts its own private bathroom suite, dressing room and walk-in wardrobe, while Donald and his wife Melania’s are unsurprisingly the most impressive of all.

It’s accessed via solid bronze double doors, and decorated with lavish marble interiors in the style of Louis XIC. The staircase features an elaborate neo-classical mural, one of several paintings done for the Trumps as gifts by artists from all over the world. The clocks and urns seen in the hallway, meanwhile, are 17th-century antiques from France.

In the living room, the ceiling is an imitation of Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Speaking to HELLO! in 2010, Donald’s wife Melania said, “New York is a base because Barron goes to school here and we have businesses here. Palm Beach is more like play time. We play golf, tennis and spend a lot of time together. There are still events to attend but it’s a relaxing time and there’s no school.

Donald and Melania Trump also own a palatial beach retreat in the luxurious Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. In an interview with HELLO!. Melania described the 22-acre oceanfront property as a very happy house, saying, “It’s where we got married, which was such a big event, so it is a very special place for us.
This beautiful edifice features a plethora of rare marble, carved stone, gold leaf and eclectic antiques and it was built by a philanthropist and socialist, Marjorie Merrlweather Post in 1927.

This edifice which boast of 126-room was purchased by Trump in 1985, and transformed it into an ultra-exclusive members-only club, where he and Melania often spend their weekends with their son Barron

“We have our own special wing,” Melania told us. “It’s very beautiful and it’s very private. It’s very comfortable because you have everything you need. It has tennis, a beach with a swimming pool, an amazing spa. You can really enjoy yourself and everything is right here. There is a beautiful patio and dining room and its very elegance.”

Elegant is an understatement. In fact, the home is built using marble sourced from an old castle in Cuba, while three boatloads of Dorian stone was imported from Italy for the exterior walls, arches and some of the interior. Now, the home is officially listed on America’s National Register of Historic Places.

The soon to be Ex- President of the United States Donald Trump, prior to his becoming a Presidents was known to be a very wealthy and famous personality, who excelled both in business and in entertainment industry.

Trump despite his social media antis and his rash and impulsive way of taking actions and making decisions he would greatly be missed by some citizens of the American society who loved his doggedness and no nonsense approach in whatever he deemed right and profitable to the American country.

It remains a wide anticipation by fans of trump to see how he would manage his new status and socio-political life in the luxury home with his family.


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