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Another Lockdown imminent in Lagos – Prof Akin Abayomi

 Prof Akin Abayomi, Babajide Sanwo olu
Prof Akin Abayomi, Babajide Sanwo olu

The Corona virus pandemic has come and gone and world health organisation (WHO) had celebrated initially, alongside many other countries, the seemingly success recorded with the various numbers of recoveries from those who initially contacted the virus and the massive reduction in death tolls.

Numerous nations all over the world were already gradually easing up on the Lock down and business and social life were returning to normalcy as large gatherings were being allowed to convey though with certain amount of caution and regulatory observation of covid-19 recommendations.

While many were celebrating the return to normalcy there was, in all honesty a warning from health experts and medical professionals to be cautious and wary of a second phase or outbreak due to the fact that majority of persons were asymptomatic that is to say they may have the virus but not show or manifest signs and symptoms. Secondly there was the Reality that many might become carefree and too relaxed to observe the needed regulations while gradually easing down to normal life style.

The fears of these medical experts who initially predicted a second wave of outbreak has come to reality, as the world is now witnessing a second phase of the virus.

Many countries are already suffering the adverse effects especially in Americans where the death tolls Keep rising and in Europe where may especially sports athletes keep contacting the virus and are constantly kept in isolation

In line with the various threatening signs of the covid-19 pandemic return, Akin Abayomi, Lagos commissioner of health, says there might be another lockdown if there is an uncontrolled surge in COVID-19 cases.

This opinion of his was given a statement by Tunbosun Ogunbanwo, director of public health affairs of the ministry of health. In the statement issued on his behalf, Abayomi said that like many countries who has deemed it fit to impose a lockdown Nigeria may likely move in that direction despite its socio-economic and security consequences. He however special appeal was made to residents to keep observing all the protocols of Covid-19.

“The Lagos State Government has once again stressed the need for residents to strictly adhere to precautionary measures against COVID-19 infection transmission to prevent a recurrence of the situation that led to the lockdown of the economy,” the statement read.

“A resurgence of cases in Lagos may lead to the reversal of the strategically calculated measures put in place by the Government to open up the economy.

“The first wave of corona virus started in December 2019 and swept through an unprepared world. The first case of COVID-19 in Nigeria was recorded in Lagos on the 27th of February 2020. Lagos has since become the epicentre of the outbreak in Nigeria with a record of 21,107 confirmed cases and 212 deaths from the virus till date.

“The containment measures put in place at the time included COVID-19 testing, isolation and treatment, surveillance, total shutdown of the State for about 12 weeks and partial shutdown of social, economic and academic activities for over four months”

“The erroneous belief that COVID-19 has been conquered and is no more in Nigeria should be discarded. Based on our data, this assumption is invalid,”

“It creates a false sense of security amongst the citizens causing many to abandon the use of face masks and other safety measures and protocols put in place by the Government.

“Though we have reached our peak as predicted and are now experiencing a decline in the number of positive cases, this is not a reason to conclude that all is over. COVID-19 is still very much with us as evidenced in the number of cases being recorded in the community daily and occasional deaths from severe complications.”

The health commissioner advised citizens against unwarranted movement and social gatherings, saying travelling into and outside the country should be discouraged except when absolutely necessary.

He concluded by commenting on the reasons for a decline in COVID-19 cases in the state saying it’s as a result of the strict adherence to stipulated covid-19 regulations.


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