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Fans react; As Erica reveals her sexscapades with Kiddwaya to Neo – BBNaija housemates 2020

BBNaija housemates 2020
BBNaija housemates 2020

For many of the teeming viewers watching this years Big Brother Naija reality TV show season five, held in Lagos, Nigeria, titled,  LOCKDOWN, would not be ignorant of the name Erica and perhaps the relationship and love triangle, that initially existed between her, Laycon, and Kiddwaya.

After much confusion and emotional considerations Erica eventually decided to stick with Kiddwaya. In her honest assessment and sincere explanations to Laycon, and to other housemates who cared to listen,  she said that, she was attracted to Kiddwaya physically especially his looks, whereas, her attraction to Laycon was more of mental connection. In fact she once attested to the fact that she felt  smarter, listening to Laycon.
While all these played in the mind of Laycon who felt rejected, led on and eventually dumped, had  hoped that Erica would come around soon but things had remained the same and the situation never seemed to change.
Meanwhile, Erica had tried to manage the situation by paying it cool initially, and trying to please both parties in her own little way to the beat of her ability even though her real feelings jeered towards Kiddwaya.
Kiddwaya eventually won head of house  games and shared the privilege of the  head of house  lounge with Erica. likewise Erica did the same, when she won the head of house games, without hesitation, in choosing Kiddwaya while Laycon watched on from the sides.
Recently Erica won the head of house games for the second time this season and with Kiddwaya denied the privilege of participation in the head of house games, as well as ineligibility of been chosen as Deputy head of house everyone was looking out for who Erica’s choice would be. To the amazement of viewers he opted for Prince while Laycon watched on.
Prior to her winning the head of house challenge, Erica had a misunderstanding with Laycon for telling Ebuka  during the live eviction show that she, Erica,tried to kiss her twice but added that though, she was tipsy on these occasions. This questions from Ebuka and response from Laycon got Erica furious and she even confronted Laycon there and then and calling him a liar as well. she ended by telling her other love interest Kiddwaya that she never wants to see and hear Laycon’s name mentioned or associated with her whenever anyone tries to Google Erica.
Now Erica has been having one or two problems with Kiddwaya and regrets are beginning to set in. She had confronted Kiddwaya severally, asking him what she meant to him and where their relationship was heading to and Kiddwaya has been evasive on the subject.
Recently however, Erica in an emotional state, decided to let the cat out of the bag by confiding in Neo and confessing to him all her sexscapades with Kiddwaya especially in the head of house lounge. Neo specifically asked her again if she had sex with Kiddwaya to wish she replied in the affirmative.
In fact she went on to state that she regretted every aspect of it and wouldn’t want to see any clips from the numerous bromances and sex scenes she had with Kiddwaya.
The above discussion between Erica and Neo, got lots of fans of the reality TV show talking;  some are of the opinion that Erica got what she deserved or bargained for. Others are asking for her to be patient and see what life would bring after the show.
Meanwhile,many are of the view that she is a gold digger, who is  all over Kiddwaya because of his wealth. Some elderly few asked why she had to put the cart before the horse. That she should have taken out time to get to know Kiddwaya before jumping in bed with him.
Uti Nwachukwu, a prominent actor, TV star, presenter and reality host,who also happened to have participated in a big brother show in the past, however, stated that viewers should take it easy on Erica after all, she is only human and that most people criticizing her will do worst if given the same opportunity.
It indeed remains a relationship viewers would be willing to follow in other to see how these twist and turn would pan out either before the end of the show or after the show.
Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer
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