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Edo Politics: Obaseki Narrowly Escapes Death as Gunmen Attack Convoy

Edo Politics, Obaseki
Edo Politics, Obaseki

On Monday, August 31,  the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki narrowly escaped a robbery attack by whiskers as security operatives repelled a group of armed robbers who attempted to block his convoy in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of the State.

The incident which occured in the early hours of Monday at Erua Village near the Jehovah’s Witness international headquarters, adjacent Ehor town, headquarters of Uhunmwode local government area of the State, brought the convoy to a halt temporarily.
The Governor’s convoy was said to be moving slowly without blaring a siren, according to a security source attached to the Gubernatorial Candidate, of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) for the September 19, 2020 Governorship election.
The hoodlums who laid siege few metres away from a police checkpoint, was said to have mistook the convoy for a prominent personality, allegedly fell a tree to block the road apparently to rob motorists and commuters on the road, thereby causing pandemonium.
Upon sighting the Governor’s convoy, the hoodlums fired a gunshot, but the security operatives attached to the Governor and his deputy, Hon. Philip Shaibu, repelled the robbers who fled into nearby bush.
About 10 minutes before the PDP campaign train proceeded to a meeting with Council of Dukes (Enigie) in Uhunmwode Local Government Area before the commencement of the Ward-to-Ward campaign in the Local Government Area.
According to the security source who witnessed the incident, but, declined to mention his name, said, “They (the armed robbers) thought it was just a VIP that was coming.
“The Governor’s convoy was not blaring siren and was moving slowly when the attempt was made.
“Immediately, the Convoy approached where they laid siege, they fell a tree.
“While we were thinking of what to do, they fired a gunshot. We have to jump out and repelled those miscreants”, he said.
These kind of attacks is fast becoming a norm due to the nature of its frequent occurrence, especially in relation to political candidates and aspirants.
It remains a fact to comprehend or understand if indeed, such random robberies or attacks are engineered in each cases, by rival political parties or just a mere coincidence.
The disheartening part in all of these is that, so many persons end up losing their lives in an attempt by hoodlums or political thugs to get at politicians during elections, ranging from personal aide’s to security personnel and those who genuinely plan electoral logistics.
The above incidence  has brought another aura of fear and uncertainty in the mind of indigenes especially with regards to the security situation in the state and in the country at large.
Some of the citizens went further to lament the fear and terror that encapsulates them when travelling the roads, especially at the outskirts of towns and villages, within the city, from hoodlums, area thugs or armed robbers.
Others however, tried to rationalize the scenario, stating that not every travellers or  road commuters have access to security personnel, or can afford to arm themselves with weapons when embarking on a journey.
The above scenery and experience of governor Obaseki, becomes inescapable when accousted, or confronted with such robbery attacks.
many commenting on the incident, were wondering  and questioning, what could have happened, if the hoodlums had succeeded in their nefarious activities? wouldn’t it had put the whole agenda preparations, and electoral program into jeopardy?
In all, members of the PDP campaign team and indeed majority of  Edo citizens are glad to  know that the gubernatorial candidate is still alive and well and that the ploy failed. Whether it was a genuine and random robbery attack or a plan in disguise to take out Obaseki from the equation,remains a fact to be fully comprehended by indigenes and eyewitnesses.
Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer


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